Havana, Cuba

drive the cars go to festivals & play baseball in fun Havana

Cuba's Cuisines

Educate yourself on the types of food and the customs when getting your food. Tasty rice and beans can be eaten with every meal. With many outdoor markets, it is easy to get fresh foods. Many kinds of meat such as pork are luxuries and cannot be found in certain places. Keep these hints in mind when looking for a place to eat in Havana.

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Cool Culture

Learn about the sports and history of amazing Havana. Cuba's favorite sport is baseball, but basketball comes in a close second. The history of Havana lies in Old Havana, with their extraordinary, sixteenth century architecture. Whether for the sports or the ancient architecture, Havana's culture is top-notch.

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Havana's Festivals

Treat yourself to the entertaining sights of beautiful Havana. Visit in December for the annual International Jazz Festival. If you're in Havana during February, check out carnival. Playing dominos is a great way to pass the time. Cuba has many unique dances that you might enjoy. When visiting Havana, be sure to check out these spectacular activities.

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Classy Cuba

Explore the museums and learn about the classic cars of Havana. Check out these wonderful museums in Havana: The museum of Revolution, The museum of Natural Science, The Colonial museum, The Hemingway museum, The museum of Fine Art, and The Municipal museum. Cuba is known for its 1940s and 1950s American cars. Cuba got most of their cars from America, so when America imposed a trade embargo against Cuba in the late 1950s, the country had no choice but to keep the old cars and Cuba still keeps the cars today. While in Havana, stop by the popular museums and see the classic cars.

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Learn the language and how to act while in Havana. Don't be surprised if you a Cuban stands close to you when they talk to you. The official language of Cuba is spanish, but many different languages are spoken in Cuba. Cuban children learn english in school and many Cubans speak english. Cuba is very strange idioms. Be sure to do and say the right thing while in Havana.

Head to Havana

If you don't know when to play your trip to Havana, this might help you. Havana is very humid and the average temperature is 75 degrees. Planning a trip from November through April would be a good idea because hurricanes come from May through October. It is almost never cold in Havana. The coldest it gets all year is 56 degrees. Be sure to dress right when you are in magnificent Havana.

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