Superintendent's Update

July 30, 2020

CCPS Community,

I am pleased to share with you the Cecil County Public Schools' Re-Entry Plan, which is a requirement of the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and reflects the shared voice of more than 150 community stakeholders from our county. The school system has published and incorporated key aspects needed to guide a variety of implementation options in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year. The school system recently announced a plan to gradually move back to face to face instruction, beginning the school year fully online and then beginning to bring in small groups of students based on need. As stated earlier this week, we will re-evaluate our standing every thirty days and modify our plans accordingly.The re-entry document that you will find linked below helps provide some of the needed structure to that effort.

Included below we have also included a brief Q&A based on some of the top questions we have received from the community. Additionally, the Cecil County Health Department will be offering COVID-19 testing for CCPS employees and their families on two dates in August. See below for more information.

We will continue to share information with you as new questions arise. Thank you for your cooperation and support as we continue to navigate these uncertain times.


Jeffrey A. Lawson, Ed.D.


Top 5 Questions & Answers

1. The announcement earlier this week stated that schools will begin bringing in small groups of students beginning on September 8. How will these students be selected?

School leadership will be inviting 3-5% of their total school population into school on September 8th. They will be using a screening tool to identify their most at-risk learners for inclusion in this first group of students to return. The first students to return will be those with the most significant learning needs. This is addressed in more detail on Page 7 of the Re-Entry Plan document.

2. What is the plan for students who are attending the Cecil County School of Technology?

CCST instructors and administrators will follow guidance and recommendations given by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for facilitating Career and Technical Education (CTE) instruction, completing work-based learning experiences, servicing clients, and earning industry credentials. CCPS will follow guidance provided by all credentialing boards and national curriculum providers to ensure program and instructional fidelity for all requirements of the CTE programs offered. CCPS CTE instructors will record demonstrations of hands-on skills for students to view as they would during in-class demonstrations. In addition, CCST administration will prepare a plan for bringing students in for face-to-face instruction.

3. What is the plan for fall athletics?

While the large scale decision will ultimately be made by the Maryland Public School Sports Athletic Association (MPSSAA), we have been working behind the scenes to try and provide our students with these types of opportunities should the official fall season be canceled. Our athletic conference consists of both Cecil and Harford counties and if we decide to return to play and Harford doesn't, that means that all of our schedules will be cut by roughly 60%. In the event the state determines fall sports are canceled/postponed, we will look at options for our teams to compete at a club-level that might be sponsored by the county. Conversations regarding this option are currently occurring with Cecil County Parks & Rec. In short, our path forward will largely be determined by how Harford County proceeds with fall sports and what the state (MPSSAA) decides.

4. How will support be provided to students in a virtual learning environment who have special learning needs or need additional support?

For students who have an IEP, IEP goals, services, instructional and testing accommodations, and supplementary aids will be reviewed to determine if any changes need to be made in order to access virtual instruction. Case managers will monitor student progress and communicate regularly with families, general educators, and related service providers. IEP/IFSP meetings will convene virtually to address students’ needs and amend or revise goals based on student progress. This is addressed on Page 16 of the Re-Entry Plan document. Students who do not have an IEP but have identified learning gaps will be provided with intervention and support in addition to instruction in the essential curricula. The CCPS Support Request Form will also continue to be available for students or parents to request additional support.

5. Can parents elect to stick with virtual learning even as face-to-face options expand?

Yes. All learning beginning on September 1 will be virtual/online. Schools will begin by bringing in small groups (referenced in Question 1). The ability to provide/expand face-to-face instruction will be reassessed every thirty days. In the case that a student is provided the opportunity to attend face-to-face instruction, a parent can elect to instead have that student continue with virtual-only instruction if they are uncomfortable with their child returning in person at that time.

COVID Testing Available for CCPS Employees

The Cecil County Health Department will offer voluntary COVID-19 screenings for CCPS employees and their families on the following dates/locations. Those interested are asked to schedule an appointment through the link below or by calling the Health Department at 410-996-1005.

Thursday, August 6, 2020


Perryville High School

Monday, August 10, 2020


Cecil County School of Technology


Free sports physicals will be held at ChristianaCare Union Hospital on AUGUST 6, 2020. Check out the video below for more information. Registration and additional info here:
Union Hospital Offers Free Sports Physicals
CCPS Support Request Form

Students & parents can use this form to indicate the need for support and resources in the areas of: Academic Support, College/Career Guidance, Personal/Social Support, Mental Health Resources, Family Support Resources, & Community Resource Support.

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