BCHS Weekly Update

May 19, 2019

Our Vision

BCHS is Committed to Excellence and Success in ALL We Do!

Redskin Parents and Friends,

Stay current on what's happening at BCHS through our Weekly Update! If there is anything we can do for you or your student, do not hesitate to let us know!


Congrats to the Class of 2019

We appreciate all the support eveyone has shown to the Class of 2019! From Senior Lunch, Senior Pictures, Elementary and Middle School visits, Honors Night, Senior Breakfast, Graduation Practice, and Graduation, so many people have made senior week and graduation a fantastic event!

We wish our seniors the very best and much success!

Rising Seniors, Class of 2020

Parents of Rising Seniors, on Monday in advisement you student will be given information regarding their senior year. We want to help you and your student plan ahead for upcoming events and expenses for the upcoming year.

This document will also be posted on our website for you to review.

We hope you find this helpful in prepareing for your students senior year.

Monday Advisement

Please remind your student to report to their advisment teacher at 8 AM on Monday morning. We will be giving students their winter EOC score reports. Thank you!

Exam Schedule

Grades 9 - 11 Exams

May 21 - 1st and 2nd Block Exams - Early Dismissal - 11:20

May 22 - 3rd and 4th Block Exams - Early Dismissal - 11:30 - Last Day For Students

Students will have the opportunity to pick up a grab and go lunch at the end of their second exam. Buses will depart at 11:40

Exam Check In & Check Out Information

Please keep the following in mind if you plan on checking in or checking out your studnet at any time during exams or the end of school.

If a student does not arrive at school at 8 AM, they need to check in with Mrs. Shadrick.

If a student is checking out, they must have a note to check out, it must have the date, their name, the time they are checking out, your name, your signature, and a contact number.

We will not accept phone calls, phone messages, faxes, text messages, or any other type of communication, a note from the parent or the parent physically picking up the students.

Students, unless a dire emergency, will remain in the testing area until ALL students have completed the assessments. Students will not be pulled from the class to check out. They will remain the entire time.

Check your students assessment/exam schedule and plan accordingly.

Thank you for your support and assistance.

Report Cards

The final report card will be mailed to you. You will not have to come to the school and pick them up. Please check your address in Power School and make sure it is correct. Those report cards will be mailed on the afternoon of Friday, May 24, 2019.

Please give the mail time to reach you. If you do not receive your report card for some reason, you may come by the school and we will print one for you.

Summer School at BCHS

We will be offering one term of summer school for students who have failed a class. The summer school registration form can be found on our website this coming week. You may contact the guidance office for immediate information.

Registration Dates: May 29 - 30, 2019, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Term Dates: Monday - Thursday, June 3 - June 27, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Cost: $50.00/class

BCHS Summer Office Hours

Tentative Summer Office Hours:

June office hours for assistance will be 8:30 - 3:00 Monday through Thursday.

July office hours will be 8:00 - 3:00 Monday Through Friday.

Offices will be closed July 3 - 5 in observence of Independence Day.

We will be closed for lunch from 11:30 - 12:30.

If you need additional assistance, please call the office.

Summer Reading

Several of our honors and advanced placement courses require summer reading. Please be sure your student checks with their teacher to confirm if they do or do not have a summer assignment.

Driver's License & Permit Information

Parents, is your student turning 15 or 16 over the summer and planning on getting their learners permit or driver's license? Be sure to have them see Mrs. Blocker in the front office or Mrs. Shadrick in guidance so they can prepare these documents required from the school to obtain your license or permit. We can have these documents ready for you when you need them.

Have A Safe, Happy, & Fun Summer

Students return for the 2019-2020 year on August 1, 2020!

Parent Tip Of The Week -Summer Survival For Teens

1. Don’t turn off the alarm clock, just reset it.
While it’s perfectly acceptable to allow a couple extra hours of sleep, letting them sleep as long as they want can cause unneeded stress for both of you.

2. Keep the Routine
Staying in a routine provides a measure of stability, while giving them what their bodies need to stay healthy. Have your child wake up at the same time everyday and start the day with a good breakfast.

3. Make a daily task list, but don’t overdo it.
Make a simple and short list of things to do each day, chores, volunteer work or otherwise. One project a day can keep your child engaged. Be realistic about the tasks and the time they have to complete them.

More importantly, find tasks that tap into their interests. For example, my daughter loves to sew. Helping me hem or repair some clothes is more fun than cleaning!

4. Find ways to reward, but keep it affordable.
Rewarding teens for a job well-done shows appreciation and gives them a little spending money, too. There also are ways to reward our teens without overspending. How about letting them invite a friend over to spend the night?

5. Limit screen and social media time
Keeping tweens and teens engaged and off social media is a challenge anytime of year but particularly in the summer. Get them outside if possible and limit social media time to one hour interspersed through out the day and make TV and movie watching a family activity.

6. Keep the Curfew and the House Guidelines
Whatever behavior and rules happen during the school year should remain in place, with some summer flexibility. But don’t stray to far afield as it’s hard to revert back.

7. It’s okay to keep the fun going all night long, but only once in awhile.
It’s important to keep a reasonable summer sleep schedule, but it’s also okay to let your teen the rules every now and then. Pitch a tent on the back lawn, watch movie on your roof top terrace. Allowing for some late-night adventures shows your fun side. That’s one thing our teens need to see more often.

8. Look for volunteer opportunities, but keep it realistic.
Teens are passionate about their beliefs and views. Include them in the choice-making for some volunteer work. It will be a character building experience and give them a sense of purpose. Volunteer at a summer camp, tutor reading or math, offer to do beach or park clean up in your town, visit an elderly neighbor and offer service for trash take out or food shopping or just keep them company. Volunteer work does not have to be a summer-long commitment to be purpose-filled.

9. Encourage your teen to read! Read magazines, books, etc. Readers are Leaders.

10. Find ways to help your teen keep their math skills sharp!

Summer doesn’t need to be fraught. Teens who learn how to fill their free time with purposeful activities will be better off in the world later on in life.