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September 2014 Issue 1

Montessori Prep

In these few first weeks of school the children have started to adapt to the routine of the classroom. They enjoy the classroom so much that they want to be in the classroom doing work even when it is time to play outside. Every time we come inside they run to wash their hands by themselves. So far we have learned the letters "A" and "B" as well as the colors red and blue. We will continue to learn one letter every two weeks. Be sure to stay up-to date with our current weekly activities summarized on the white board in the classroom.


The Pre-Primary class has done a terrific job of adjusting and following our class routine. What a great group of children! It's great to see the new friendships that are forming!

The class has been diligently working at taking out their mat, choosing work and following through by returning the work to the shelf and rolling up their mats (roll, roll, roll, pat, pat, pat).This class loves to roll their mats!

During circle we pretended we were trees with red(rojo) apples hanging from them and when they fell the class would splat their apple. Their favorite part is our star of circle time, Wally the Weather Dog. The children chant Wally out of his house (Wally, Wally, Wally) and when he is out we discuss and dress Wally according to our weather outside.

The next two weeks we will begin the alphabet and start with the letter Aa. We will have the class work with the quantity of the number one(uno).

Thanks to all the Grandparents and Parents who were able to attend Grandparents day and Back to School Night! If your schedules permit, we would love for you to come in and read or play an instrument for the class. The children would appreciate it!

Primary I

We have been very busy in the Primary I classroom. We continue to work on beginning sounds with a focus on the first two sounds and letters of the alphabet. Our classroom loves art. We made tissue paper apples, bear masks, and bananas with peels. We learned two new poems about an apple tree and ants. Our science explorers studies the life cycle of an apple, the parts of an ant, and Land, Air and Water. We celebrated Jason's 5th birthday. We worked on learning our colors, shapes and how to say "hello" in Spanish. Continue to talk to your child about the classroom and the activities they have been exploring.

Primary II

The Primary II Kindergarten class has been working on establishing a daily routine. We have been reviewing many math and language lessons. The children are enjoying working in the new Wilson Foundations program. Their handwriting is improving everyday. I am so proud of their knowledge of alphabetical order. We have finished reading the first Flat Stanley book and started the second about Mount Rushmore. This week we will mail our letters to our three friends. We can't wait to see where Flat Stanley travels. The class also learned about the life cycle of an apple and explored a few different apples. The gala apple was a class favorite. We all agreed it was sweet and delicious. We are off to a great start to new school year.

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What's New & OId News

  • Be sure to check your children's bags/backpacks daily.
  • October calendars and Linvilla Orchard Fall Family Field trip info was sent home.
  • Mark your calendars: Picture Day - October 13