The Civil Rights Movement

A Look Into the Struggle and Triumph


The Civil Rights Movement was one of the most essential, crucial situations to occur in the United States of America. Overall, not only did colored people alike attain more rights, it also led to the ability for less separation between white and black (not just with the banning of segregation, but with each individual mindset). In this way, the Civil Rights Movement allowed America to become a more equal and just society. Through much struggle and hardship, there was triumph to be found. And although many whites still had the belief that colored folk were below them, more people did not believe that after the movement, and understood that everyone is a person, no matter what their skin tone is. And thanks to the Civil Rights Movement, this was possible.

Tactics and Strategies of the Movement

All throughout history, blacks and other colored groups have been discriminated against and hated on, never seeming to have a break. But then in 1954, all of that changed, and blacks finally found their voice. The Civil Rights Movement boomed, and although it was a huge struggle and brought much pain to the blacks, it worked in the end, and triumph was there. Many people helped to further this cause along, some of them very well known, and others, "underground heroes", were not very well known, but still important. Everyone contributed however much they could, and in numbers, they prevailed.

At first, the movement started with many trials of the Supreme Court dealing with segregation in schools. The funding for the black schools was nowhere near the amount of the money the white schools had, so, in turn, some black students wished to attend the white schools. But, that was not okay, and each case was ruled to not allow the children to leave their colored school, making it illegal. This sparked major frustration and anger in the black community because it simply was not fair. So they decided to do something about it. One tactic they used not only in the start but also all throughout the movement was the use of protesting. There were many different types of protesting, but the two most commonly used were marching and sit-ins.

After the trials, there were other situations that initiated the movement. One of these was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In Montgomery, Alabama, the black population who used the buses compared to the whites was huge; they made up two thirds of the bus population. But, after one significant woman, Rosa Parks, decided to not sit in the back where the blacks were supposed to go, everything changed. This act of not following certain laws due to their injustice is commonly known as civil disobedience, which is essentially what all the blacks did during the Civil Rights Movement. Not obeying the law could mean through violent acts of burning and fighting, which some groups of blacks did during this time, but the prevailing disobedience that occurred was non-violent (like the marching and sit-ins previously mentioned). This had more impact and seemed to achieve the best results possible.

2 Important Groups During this Time

Music Review of "Maintain" by Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright is a rap artist of the modern era. His album "The Golden Age," was released the year of 2013, and "Maintain" was one of the biggest hits off of it. Overall, the song discusses the discrimination and hate that was acted out towards the blacks, and how they as a people must overcome that hatred and turn it into something good/beneficial. Not only should they not lash out, especially violently, but they should also prove everyone wrong, being the best they can be without falling into the stereotypes of "black people." Just because their skin color is different than the whites does not make them any less of a person. They can still amount to great things through hard work and persistence.

" [Verse 1]
Yo – call me a hard working nigga
I shouldn't use "nigga" 'cause that's what was used against us
But I still I abuse it and use it, look how they did us
A lot of stuff's changed, but some things installed in us
We can't figure out – the Willie Lynch gave them the in-and-outs
Will 'em out, look who doing all the killing now
We got that after slavery, nothing you can say to me
Attitude, with Malcolm X speaking and teaching bravery
Violence is only needed when you feel defeated
And parents pay attention, it ain't cool to raise a demon
That's on lock-down, got out, now he acting hostile
You threw away your opportunities, that's a cop out
Not now, we can argue later – all in favor
Raise your hands if you deserve another chance
Fan of a fan, we sharing the same things
We see the bumps in the road, and we maintain

So I play my position with persistence
Consistent with the flow, we twisting up the 'dro (no clue what that means...)
In this life of sin, through the highs and lows
Trials and tribulations, you know how it goes

I pray you maintain (x2)
'Cause when it get all bad, and you watch the game change
F the bullshit, it's time to maintain
You gotta maintain

[Verse 2]
Two hours early, rise and shine - no ride, catching the bus to be on time
No time for excuses, it's your life, you can't be stuck on stupid
I give 'em the awkward nod like "I can't be without a job"
Helping moms with the bombs, I mean the bills
I mean, bombs is how they feel, but how I feel don't stop the deal
See, when you go without a meal you stop taking your plate for granted
We was strong when we was weak, that's why I pray before I eat
It's bittersweet when it's something you wanna keep
And if that nigga don't wanna help, f it, do it by yourself
But put in effort to better your situation
If not for y'all then do it for the baby, the system crazy
Whether you got you a son or you a daughter
Don't run away from your problems or your partner
Maintain – I know it's getting hard, but it gets harder
You gotta understand, that's the sh** that makes you a man

[Bridge & Hook] (x2) "