Satan took his best man home

heavy metal homicide

Our beloved black souled singer Tarantula of the Satanic Saints today was found stabbed in his pool

Dear Reinstar,

You are invited to a murder mystery party!

This is a murder mystery party to investigate the death of Heavy Metal icon “Tarantula”, who was found stabbed in his swimming pool in Los Angeles. His group "Satanic Saints" enjoyed 4 controversial years of success, their recent album "when the boomerang comes back: its cuts deep" went triple platinum within a month and sold in 70 countries across the world.

You are Papa D, Number 1 selling rap artist and arch rival of the Satanic Saints.

It is a known fact that you were arch enemies with Satanic Saints. You’re the biggest selling R&B artist in America, you beat the Satanic Saints to number one last month with your single “wrong attitude” in which you slated the band members for their violent lyrics and references to the anti-Christ.

You’ve grown up in the ghetto and you’ve seen violence these middle class geeks could not imagine but you’ve put it behind you now and now with your strong faith in God you have a positive outlook in life.

Your songs are about love and women. Satanic Saints songs are all about murder, rape and Satan, these people shouldn’t be allowed to influence American kids and as that Mr Death he needs therapy!

You’ve nothing personal against the band members. Best to forgive. You didn’t kill Tarantula, you don’t have it in you. But it doesn’t surprise you that someone with so much negativity and hatred died in such a manner.

Talk: Rapper mannerisms

Act: Judgmental, disapproving, sit with your arms folded, arms under armpits.

Further attendants will be:

Hank Perez - manager of the band Satanic Saints

Stoney Walker – Notorious badly behaved bass guitarist of the band

Rick Rocker – Ageing roadie of the band with a lot of old stories to tell

Peaches Van Helden – Porn actress wife of the deceased

Mr Death – Sadistic band member

Sabrina Hitchmen – Long suffering PA of the band

LuLu Henderson – Secretary to the Satanic Saints fan club

Justin “The Skull” Henderson – Obsessive fan of the band.

The Ritz a.k.a. Sophals place

Friday, April 25th, 8pm

53 Franz-Fischer-Straße

Innsbruck, Tir.

läuten bei Defant/Kamenik/Klammsteiner