I have been blessed

My papa

My dear grandfather, a wonderful man,

Always believed in me, knew that I can.

Wisdom of life, openly shared,

Comforted me, when I was scared.

My dear grandfather, routinely amaze,

Since I was little, you gladly helped raise.

Countless things, with patience you taught,

You listened to me, whenever I thought.

My dear grandfather, I truly care,

You've always been, much more than fair.

I'd like to wish you, only the best,

With the dearest grandfather, I have been blessed.

Main idea

The main idea behind this poem is not only talking about a grandfather but also talking about a man that can never get mad at you about anything. Your very first life long best friend, someone that will spoil you and your parents can't get upset if you come home full of sugary sweets. Someone you want to grow up to be just life. Forever I will always have the best papa.

The reason why

The reason why I chose this poem is because me and my papa were extremely close, he was my best friend and my father figure. He made me into the person I am today, I always no matter what wanted to make him proud of me in everything I did. We really didn't have to do much for me to have fun hanging out with him, Because he was my best friend and everyday I wish I could say goodbye to him one more time.

What connection do i have with the lyrics?

The connections I have with the lyrics is that it describes exacutly how i feel about my papa. The lyrics say "if life could only bring again the days i took for granted when, to hear your voice." Everyday I wish I could tell him I love him. I charrish every memory I had with him because i know im the only person that has those memories. Even the little things with him seemed to matter the most for me, and in the song it desricbes that "the litle things shaped my life.

original poem

I love you dear Grandfather, for all you mean to me,
I think of you each day, as I wonder how you've been.
This day I make especially yours, as I just want to say,
I thank God you're my Grandpa, for all the joy you give away.
Of all the grandfathers in the world, the most special one to find
Is the only one that I can see, because you're truly mine
Thank you for the faith you live and how wonderful you are,
I am guided by your footsteps and the love within your heart.
So I send to you this card with a love that is sincere,
No other Grandpa in the world could ever be so dear.