Standardized Tests

Does standardized test improve education


Standardized testing has not improved student achievement.


"Teaching to the test" can be a good thing because it focuses on essential content and skills, eliminates time-wasting activities that don't produce learning gains, and motivates students to excel20 countries studied "have achieved significant, sustained, and widespread gains". on national and international assessments had used "proficiency targets for each school" and "frequent, standardized testing to monitor system progress,".Standardized tests are reliable and objective measures of student achievement.


Standardized tests are an unreliable measure of student performance.Standardized tests measure only a small portion of what makes education meaningful. Instruction time is being consumed by monotonous test preparation.


I think that standardized testing does not improve education because, there only teaching us what we need to know for the test instead of every day life. And its wasting money buying those tests instead of helping with other situations. When the test comes we start to get really stressed and that is not good for us. They do not improve student achievement. So I think its a waste of time to learn for the starr.