All Souls Catholic School

Newsletter - June 2nd, 2016

Number 20

Graduation Prayer

Lord Jesus, you have said that your followers must be the light to the world. Light propagates itself, dispels darkness. It sows rays of joy and hope. It is life­giving. Help me, Lord, to be a light to this world, so that my life radiate your message of love, hope, and joy. May I be the beacon leading to You those who seek truth.

You also said, Lord Jesus, that your disciples must be the salt to this earth. Salt gives taste to food. It retards spoilage. It is also a healing agent. Lord, may I be the salt that takes away the blandness in the routine of living, that prevents the rottenness of hatred and greed from expanding around me, that brings compassionate healing to anguished souls I encounter. Lord, help me to be "worth my salt." And infuse your "saltiness" in me, so that I do not become "flat" and useless.

"Be the leaven to the world," said You to your friends. Bread, a staple of life, and cakes, always present at celebrations, would be dull and lifeless without the tiny bit of yeast. Without it, the dough remains inert, hard. Elsewhere, You also told us to multiply our talents. You thus expect that we use the talents you gave us as the leaven to this world. Teach me, Lord Jesus, that alone I am insignificant, but mixed with the talents of my brothers and sisters, I can lift this world out of its insipid mediocrity. May I be a bit of leaven in the Bread of Life, and a sign of Your celebration in this life and life eternal.

Lord, on this "commencement" day, let there be a beginning of my life. In the days of darkness, be my Light, so that in turn I can radiate your truth and your message of love, hope, and joy. In the days of blandness and of blahs, Lord, be my Salt, so that in turn I can fend off the corruption, the staleness, the mediocrity around me. In the days when I am flat on my back or fall flat on my face, Lord, be my Leaven, so that not only can I rise again, but also raise the downhearted to the celebration of your Love. And Lord, thank You, for the school years, for the talents I received.

From The Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The end of the school year is upon us, and I am sure everyone is looking forward to the summer vacation. Recently our 8th graders travelled to Washington DC where they had a wonderful time exploring the nation's capital and immersing themselves in the history of our country. I wish to thank Mr Ceja, our 8th grade teacher, for organizing the trip and to Ms. Lucchesi for attending. Thanks to our parents who joined the trip as chaperones. All had a wonderful time.


I hope all families are making every effort to pay any outstanding accounts to Mrs. Reidy. If there are any outstanding amount due by June 8th, the school policy is that we will be holding report cards and the yearbook. Outstanding accounts will be sent to the collection agency.

Future Projects

I wish to inform everyone that we will be replacing the school roof over summer as well as installing solar panels on the roof. This is a large project and one that will benefit the school and parish community.

Staff Changes

At the end of any school year there are always staff movements, and unfortunately we will be saying goodbye to a couple staff members and welcoming some new staff members.

Farewell and thank you:

It has come time for Mrs. Barri to hang up her apron and to enjoy retirement. As you know Mrs. Barri has given 50 years of service to All Souls, and we wish her all the best in the future. We will certainly miss her.

Mrs Hornick, our technology coordinator, will be retiring at the end of this year. Mrs. Hornick has been instrumental in developing our technology plan and programs over the years. She will be missed by all.

I wish to thank Miss Kokesh for all the work she has done with our grade two students over the past three years. She has decided to move closer to the city. We will surely miss her. She has worked very hard with the sacramental program.

I also thank Miss Knudson for her work with our third graders. She has decided to move south and work in a public school. We wish her all the best.

Two of our teacher assistants, Miss Kwon and Miss Falvey, will need to leave us due to the requirements of the credentialing program that mandates interning in a public school setting. I thank them for their work this year.

Joining us will be:

In grade two we welcome Miss Suzanne Short. She has been in the San Francisco Archdiocese for a number of years and is looking forward to working with the students and the Sacramental program.

In grade three we welcome, from the learning support team, Mrs. Mary Mancinetti. She has worked in learning support for a number of years. She is very excited to be working with the third graders.

In the junior high we welcome Mr. Joel Nicholas, who also has been working in learning support for several years. Mr. Nicholas will be our new junior high science teacher and co-teaching grades 7 and 8 math classes with Mrs. Allen.

We welcome back Mr. Nick Wright who will be the writing teacher for grades 5 through 8, and will be the homeroom and language arts teacher for grade 7.

In learning support we welcome Mr. Bobby Olgin, who has a wealth of knowledge working with both elementary and high school students. He will also be teaching Spanish from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

We welcome Miss Julianna Lessa, who joins us from Canada, to the learning support team. She is very excited to be part of the All Souls community.

In the technology area, we welcome Mr. Thomas Conmy, who will be teaching technology from grades K to 8. He will be overseeing all our technology needs. He comes with a wealth of experience in this field and has already started to learn our systems.

God Bless,

Vincent Riener


Field Day

On June 7th, All Souls Catholic School will be conducting a field day. To ensure this day is safe and fun for your child, the following items are recommended:

T-Shirt: assigned team color


Hat or Visor

P.E. Sweats/Shorts and Sweatshirt

Tennis Shoes

Water/Water bottle

* Please have child's name marked on items

The entire school will be divided into six teams for the field day event. Please make sure your child wears the appropriate color t‑shirt based on their assigned team. (Your child’s teacher will notify you of your child's assigned team color.) If your child has a special medical need (asthma, allergy to bee stings, etc...) please provide this information to your child's classroom teacher and give any needed medication to the school office.



2 - 8th Grade Graduation Mass - 7pm - Church

5 - School Family Mass - 9am

6- Minimum Day - Principal's Awards Ceremony - 9am - 12:20pm Dismissal

7 - Minimum Day - Field Day - 12:20pm Dismissal

8 - Last Day of School - K Graduation 10am (Full School Uniform) - 11:00am Dismissal

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Application available online

All Souls Preschool will start accepting Summer School Applications for new families starting April, 25th. Please contact All Souls Preschool for question at (650) 871-1751.
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