All About Emma Booker

If you can dream it you can do it- Walt Disney

Who Am I

My Interests: I like to cheer, dance, perform, and teach others.

Skills: I can do backflips,Communication skills, and Academic skills.

My Values: I value loyalty, leadership, family, friends, sportsmanship, and responsibillity.

My Learning Style: I am a Body Kinesthetic Learner

Self-Esteem i have a well balanced self esteem.

Answer: Becasue some jobs need specific requirments to fulfill with skills and learning style.

Where Am I Going

My Career As A....

Job Description: Diagnose, Treat, and help pervent dieases or other conditions of the skin.

Median Salary: 187,200

Job Outlook: 305,100 or faster than average by 20 to 28 percent

Work Schedule: Full time

Work Enviroment: In a medical office that they own.

Interesting Fact: Dermatologist treat the skin that is the biggest organ in the body.

How Do I Get There

College: I would like to attend the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Why? So I can stay close to family and friends.

Degrees: Doctoral/Professional Degree and Master's Degree.

Cost Per Hour: It costs about 587.00 per hour.

Scholarships: I want to qualify for an academic scholarship and an athletic scholarship.