Virus Spreads: Vaccines In Trouble

By: Whit Smith

Measles Hit Heaven

A new outbreak of the easily preventable virus, the measles, has raised concerns about the use of vaccines. This outbreak happen in the happiest place on earth, Disney Land. Some parents are saying that vaccines can cause mental disease. The truth is that vaccines have helped more people than they have hurt. Vaccines are good and I can prove it.

Vaccine: Good or Bad? Good!

Vaccines Are Good

When parents give their kids vaccines they do a lot more than protect their own kids. When a kid is vaccinated they lower their risk of getting infected, when kids do not get infected they cannot infect anyone else. This will stop any chance of epidemic. Vaccines are life savers!

About Me

I'm just a guy who believes that vaccinations are good. Vaccinations are medical miracles that have saved many lives. Vaccines are working for the good of mankind, now people just need to realize it.