Third Grade Buzzzz...

Happenings in Mrs. Paluch's Class!

September 28, 2015

Panther Fitness Challenge is this Friday! If you haven't turned in your packet, it's not too late! Turn it in by Tuesday.

Curriculum Information

ELA- (English/Language Arts)

We are reading our anchor text, The Case of the Gasping Garbage.

Focus This Week: Character motivations and actions in a story, how character actions contribute to the sequence of events, and distinguish reader point of view from that of the narrator or characters. We will compare and contrast characters in a story, looking at the theme, setting and plots and see how they are similar and how they can change

Foundational Skills: plurals (-s, -es, -ies), base words and suffixes

Conventions: How to use quotation marks and commas in dialogue. Irregular plural nouns. Ex., calf-calves, mouse-mice

Writing: Kids will use dialogue to show how characters respond in a situation. They will add dialogue to their narrative story.


We will review Chapter 3 skills and then take the test on Tuesday. This is also the end of Unit 1 so we will take that assessment too.

We are starting our Multiplication/Division Concepts Unit!!! The kids are so excited and I am too! I will teach them a lot of different tricks and strategies to help them learn their multiplication facts.

  • Multiplication as Repeated Addition
  • Arrays and Multiplication

This Week's Homework:

Wednesday 9/30- 4.2

Thursday 10/01- 4.4


This week we will be testing how each chemical reacts, making suspensions or solutions with our chemicals, and even discovering which unknowns form crystals! We will read an article about crystals to learn all about them!

Social Studies

  • We will work on our Globes and Maps book!

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, Sept. 29 Panther Fitness Packets Due!
  • Friday, Oct. 2 Panther Fitness Challenge! Make sure to wear gym shoes!
  • Book Fair starts this Friday. We have LRC on Friday so kids can bring money if they wish to purchase books.