The Intermediate

May 1, 1984. Vol. IV Iss. III

The Perfect Wife: Bo Carlin

Having a wife is for making children. For us to be or have a perfect wife we must learn what they are to used for. The perfect wife will work then come home and produce a child for the party. A wife is to only be used for making children and any other use will be considered failure.

Katharine is a wife but she is a failure. She is married and was not able to produce a child for the party. She claims that her and her husband had sex and tried to have children but if they tried hard enough they would have a child. If you don’t want to be a failure have a child when approved by the party.

Relieving Your Hate: Tyler Bond

Hate week helps the people relieve themselves of their emotions. This is a two minute period of time where they can let out their hate for Goldstein the enemy. It also shows their loyalty to the party, the phrases Freedom is Slavery, and War is Peace is screamed at the top of the people’s lungs.

The Telescreen shows images of war and violent acts done by the party. They showed a bomb go off and blow a young children’s arm off and the people cheered and laughed at it. Pictures of Goldstein are showed on the telescreen and people spit at the screen in disgust against the evil leader.

War Update: Bo Carlin

A new update from the party about the war has just come in. The monthly update details the how we are beating the opposition. We are making progress on the frontlines by taking four towns a day. The opposition is being stomped into submission by our forces.

We have made many progresses including raising our mass genocide rates and civilian deaths have also risen. The generals in charge have promised to get the civilian death numbers up to 100% by next month. We will hold him to this promise and if he fails he will be shot.

New Telescreen Update: Nick Brundige

Good news for all citizens of Oceania! All telescreens are being updated with the latest software. The update allows for clearer transmissions to the party as well as louder volume levels. The new software also fixes a glitch that allowed certain ruffians to turn off their telescreens and avoid political monitoring.
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Death of the innocent: Justin Ansell

They lied to us again, they are sending us to our deaths. It is an endless cycle of death, the Proles are being slaughtered by the inner circle so they can stay in power. It is truly up to the proles to win this fight. Bomb drop like rain in the slums killing anything in there path, Big Brother is killing YOU to keep himself in power.

We as a people must revolt, our victory is to hate him and keep hating him forever. We must be ready to rise at any moment but we must also stay hidden in the grayness of our society, we must become what they want but only on the outside, in the inside we must hate Big Brother with all our hearts. BE READY TO RISE.

YOUR children are now the enemy: Justin Ansell

This hate week forces us to use our rage, not allowing us to use it against Big Brother. They taint our minds during these moments and force us to enjoy it by brain washing us since we where born.

The Big Brother regime is corrupting our minds and the minds of our children. They force our children to believe that if they turn us in they will be heros for Big Brother, They force YOUR children to turn against YOU. The regime is Against you by using your instincts to protect your children against you, forcing you to live in fear of your own children.

Conflict in Oceania: Cole Egan

The government of Oceania is getting out of control. There was another bombing today killing hundreds of Proles. these deaths are suggested by the government to be work of Eurasia, but a week ago they said it was Eastasia that was attacking and Eurasia was our ally. This seems like work of the government to keep control and power over the growing Parole population. This is only one of many ways the government is trying to control the lower classes.

Oppressive Society: Cole Egan

Also the use of these telescreens disrupts people's lives and limits their emotions because people are not truly happy. The society that the government has made has been put in place to be more productive and also to hold their power. With that in mind people are less productive because they don't like the government and secretly hate it. Also the the lack of freedom makes people irritated and when people are not happy people want a Change in their government. The government is contradicting itself by wanting these things, but making the people want to rebel do to their lack of freedom.

Disappearance: Tyler Bond

Friends and Family constantly keep disappearing. Stories arise of mothers, fathers, and even young children going missing when the thought came. If you committed a crime the thought police would come and arrest you and you would never be seen again. You will either be put into a forced labor camp, jail, or something worse you never know regardless of the crime you committed the severity of your consequences could be anything. Sometimes they will shoot you on spot and your body will disappear. The worst crime you can commit is going against the party they will either shoot you on spot or torture and brainwash you until you are not against the party anymore.

Junior Leagues: Nick Brundige

The junior anti sex leagues and junior thought police leagues have become out of control. Children spies are about all the time doing their parent’s bidding. Hell, even some parents are afraid of their own kids. These unnecessary brain washings need to stop in order to keep the kids as useful and intelligent self thinking members of society. Down with the Junior spies!