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By: Meghan And Grace

The Legacy of Psyche

Psyche was such a beautiful maiden that she made Venus jealous, and Venus wanted her to fall in love with a very ugly man. So she told her son Eros, or Cupid, to shoot her with an arrow of love so she would fall in love with a gruesome person. Eros was about to shoot her when he began to admire her beauty and cut himself with his arrow, making him fall in love with Psyche. He lured her away from her home, and used nature to bring her towards his home, of which he only visited her at night. He said that she could remain and do whatever she pleased, but she could not see his true form, her curiousity got the best of her (along with her sisters wanting to know who her husband was), and Eros was so frustrated that he left her. Psyche traveled into Venus’ kingdom, and Venus said that Eros would come back to her if she would do so many outrageous tasks for her. The last chore was one that required her not to open a box of death , she became to curious, again, and the box casted a deep sleep on her. Eros revived her with a kiss where she proved herself worthy of his love, and she was made into a goddess.

A brief Chat with Pschye

What did it feel like when you found out someone was in love with you?

I was happy but sad i wasn’t able to see his face.

What did it feel like when you walked into Venus’ palace?

I felt really nervous and didn’t expect to have my wish granted.

How did you feel when cupid left you?

I was devastated, so I decided to search for him.

What was your reaction when venus told you, you had to prove you are worthy of Cupid?

I was filled with joy but yet nervous that I would fail.

What are some of the tasks you had to complete?

I had to sort grains, get wool from coldhearted sheep, and then get a small piece of beauty from the Queen of the underworld.

Did anyone help you with these tasks?

Yes some very kind aunts meaning the insect kind and a very bright eagle.

Did you want to open the box as soon as you got it?

Yes, I was curious why i was so forbidden to open this box.

How did you feel when you reunited with Cupid?


How Taylor Swift and Psyche are alike and different

A likes:

They both expresss love

They are both very passionate about they're love life

They are very beautiful

They are both girls

They both are very beautiful


Taylor Swift is from our generation and psyche is from many generations ago

Pysche tries to get cupid back when taylor swift just sings a song about love to help her feelings

Pysche didn't sing and taylor swift does

Pysche is a god and Taylor isn't

psyche would do anything to get cupid back but Taylor broke up with harry and just wrote a song

Family Tree

Mother: unknown but was found to be a Queen

Father: Unknown but was found to be a King