Peter the Great Accomplishments

By Devin Burke


  • Peter the Great was a very ambitious person.
  • He set many goals for himself and did everything he could to complete these goals.
  • He was also very fair when it came to men and women and wanted everything to be equal between both sex's.


  • Peter the Great was only ten years old when he took throne in 1682 with little education.
  • He wanted to strengthen the military, expand Russian borders, and centralize royal power.
  • To achieve his goals he brought all Russian institutions under his power such as the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • He improved Russia with western technology,
  • he improved education by simplifying the Russian alphabet.
  • He set up academies for the study of mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • He improved Russia's waterways and canals.


  • In Russia they were against equality between men and women.
  • He ended the secluding between men and women.
  • He held many parties and forced men and women to dance together knowing that they would comply.

Interesting Facts

  • Although Peter the Great was a great ruler he was not the nicest man.
  • Peter did not like his son Alexis and constantly beat him.
  • He also threatened to kill him multiple times and in the end had him killed.