Ms. Gee's Counseling Corner


February Finale

I'd like to say what a week, but really, I have to say what a month! In light of our winter storm, there has been additional trauma that I know many of you endured this past week, and may still be experiencing. We want to address the needs of our students, families and community. Below is the February newsletter, with additional resources and information about upcoming events.

Please reach out via email if you have additional questions or concerns.

-Katie Gee

Student and Family Support

Although we are not physically together, I want to remind everyone that I am happy to meet with students for support. I have a student request form or a parent request form located on the Bryker Woods Counseling Blend home page. I will also put the direct links below. Please feel free to use those to communicate your needs for support. I am happy to respond via email as well. Please do whatever is most convenient for you.

Student Request form (designed for 3rd-5th grade)-

Parent Request form-

Optional Lunch Bunches Friday February 26th

In light of everything that has gone on over the course of the past week, I will be hosting grade level lunch bunches for those that might need a check-in or space to see other peers across the grade level for some social connection. This is optional, but I wanted to make it available for all students. Because grade level lunches overlap, I will be doing 20 minute lunch bunches to ensure that I can see all students that might benefit from this time. Please be sure your student has something to eat and note that your child may log off prior to their actual allotted lunch time, or be logging on slightly after their lunch time has started. Below are the times I will meet with each grade level. Please use the zoom link information provided. You can also access it through the zoom button on the Bryker Woods Counseling Blend home page.

Kindergarten: 10:50-11:10

First Grade: 11:40-12:00

Second Grade: 11:15- 11:35

Third Grade: 12:05- 12:25

Fourth Grade: 12:30-12:50

Fifth Grade: 12:50- 1:10

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 236 552 8041

Passcode: Kindness

Additional resources for talking with your kids about grief

Navigating conversations with kids can feel overwhelming and daunting. Questioning what details to share, guessing how they may feel, understanding your own emotions... all of these things can seemingly complicate conversations. Here is a guide to help you understand what might be appropriate for you to share with your child(ren) and what to expect in their emotional response.

3rd grade Book Study Opportunities

I will be hosting two third grade book studies this spring. The first will start the first week of February and we will be going through the American Girl series book Friends: Making them and Keeping them. This is geared toward girls, but anyone is welcome.

The second book study will start just after spring break and we will be using the book Speak Up and Get Along. This book is geared towards all kids and gives practical tools and strategies to communicate clearly and engage in positive social interactions.

If you are still interested in your 3rd grade student to join the spring book study, please fill out the following google form. I look forward to meeting with your kids.

*Each group will last approximately 6 weeks, meeting one day a week for 30 minutes.

SEL Family Night

NEW DATE: Thursday March 4th, SAME TIME: 6:00-7:00

Our SEL Family Night is going virtual this year!. I am so excited to have Shana Merlin from Merlin Works Improv. with us. She will be leading us through fun activities we can engage in with our kids. Helping adults remember what it means to "play" and encouraging kids to play without boundaries. Shana will be with us on Thursday March 4th from 6:00-7:00 via zoom. The link will be sent out closer to the event time. Please look through it via living tree and school messenger.

The night is sure to be full of laughter and play. It is for all students and their parents/guardians.

Meet Shana

Big picture
Play is a powerful tool for grown ups and kids alike to relieve stress, rejuvenate the spirit, increase connection, and be physically active. In this interactive session we will learn ways to play like a kid again with the right mindset. And we will practice a few games that you can play with your kids immediately. Remember what it's like to just play and let your kids experience games without screens!

New This Year

This school year, we have a Bryker Woods Counseling Blend Page. Each homeroom teacher should have a link for it on their personal home pages.

What you can find there...

  • Zoom link for office hours and lunch bunches
  • Community resources (Agencies offering group/individual counseling in the community)
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Asynchronous lessons K-5th
  • Student request forms
  • Parent/Teacher request forms
  • Student resources (Peace room and SEL Library)

Please feel free to look at this page and play around with the different tools