Influences of Food Choices

By: Haley Brock

Physical Needs

For physical needs in order to survive I eat things like, fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas. Also I eat vegetables such as carrots, and spinach. I also have proteins like chicken and any other meat.

Psychological Needs

When I'm in a good mood I typically tend to eat healthier food like a salad, but when I'm in a bad mood I usually shove ice cream into my face to make me feel better. When I think about body image it makes me feel like everyone is going to judge me based on what I eat so I try to eat healthy especially at school so people think of me in a good way I guess.

Food Availability

In different seasons there are different food available. For example in seasons like summer and spring I like to have watermelon and strawberries because they aren't fruits that are in season all year long.

Social Settings

When I'm in a social setting I tend to eat less because I'm usually in front of my friends. I eat things at lunch like a sandwich and some fruit and a granola bar. At the movies with my friends I usually just share popcorn with everyone.

Society & Culture

At family traditions I usually just eat what is served so I don't upset anyone, but on holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving we usually have turkey or ham and then some fruits and vegetables.