NEWS for #701 Belair

August 31 - September 4, 2015

Things to Note/Upcoming Events......

Monday, August 31 - 5th Grade Orchestra Demonstration - 3:15 - 3:45 (Cafeteria); August Birthday Celebration - 8:30 AM Workroom

Thursday, September 3 - Meeting with Superintendent Larry Linthacum - 7:30 (Art Room)

Friday, September 4 - Team Time - 8:15 - 8:50; Weekly Assembly - 8:55

Happy Birthday:

Upcoming Culture/Belair Cares Events:

AMP Schedule: Monday - Red; Tuesday - Blue; Wednesday - Yellow; Thursday - Red; Friday - Blue

Library/Counseling Schedule: White Week

Morning Duties: 8:30 - 8:45 Gym (Facilitators); 8:30 - 8:45 Cafeteria (Facilitators; 8:30 - 8:45 Car Riders (Facilitators)


September 10 - SRI/FRA and informal RR due (all RR scores by letter level on monthly assessment sheet) See grade level literacy representative for details.

#701 Staff 'High Fives'

Valerie Miller and Michelle Nix - These two ladies are doing a phenomenal job in our office. Things are really beginning to fall into place. I LOVE the positive environment that is being created in that space!!

Christina, Amanda, Jen, Jenna, Paige and Eileen - Holy Smokes Ladies!!!! You all are doing a phenomenal job with your transition to Belair! To say I am thrilled with each of you being part of #701, is a major understatement!!!

Scott, Rachel, Jami, Charlotte - AMAZING! You all are doing an amazing job as well working with our students with special needs and familiarizing yourselves with our school! Extremely pleased to have you as part of our family!

Cindy - Thanks for putting everything together for Belair Cares! You have done a great job welcoming our new friends and "old" ones back as well! Thanks for your time and effort!

PBS Team and MU Students - great job organizing and pulling off our PBS Boot Camp! Huge success!!!

#701 Staff - This school year has started off unbelievably well! I am so proud of this school and each of your contributions!! We are definitely on the right track to showing why #701 is the place to be! Not kidding when I say...I love you all and am thrilled to be part of your team!

Let me know if you have a special "shout out" or "high five" you would like shared!

What If Everything You Knew About Discipling Kids Was Wrong?

Fascinating article about dealing with children and behaviors! I feel like it aligns perfectly with our thinking about understanding the lack of executive function skills and the need for teaching those skills to our kids! If nothing else, validates for me that #701 is on the right track with much of what we are doing!

Know Thy Impact .....

A great review of John Haitte's work on effective learning for students!
Hattie's 8 Mindframes

#701 Family Photos....