Last Day for DOT DOLLARS

Don't let free jewelry pass you by!

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Friendly reminder!

Today is the last day to redeem your codes for Dot Dollars.

For every code you have, you have $25 to put towards a $50 order - if you have $50 in dot dollars, you could order $100 and only spend $50. Pretty fun! You can transfer them to a friend if you like as well.

You can redeem your code here:

Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help you place an order. Please message me if you need access to your person codes

New Fall Line Launches July 19th!

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Be a Debut Hostess!

Is your wish list LONG? Be one of my Debut Hostesses in July or August and I will gift you a pair of earrings from the new collection in addition to the over $250 in Hostess credits my average hostess receives. I have a few dates available, msg me for more details!