The Earth

Reuse Reduce Reycyle


The world is not invisible. It can be destroyed. That is why we need to reuse things such as water bottles, glass bottles, even steel and gallon jugs. Also you can make figures out of soda cans. So we should take care of it more like the agencies in the state of California spend about $300 million dollars to clean up the coastal area for trash. Also it takes approximately 12 million barrels of oil to make the amount. And also the world needs to reduce the things they use.


Every day of each year on April 22nd is considered Earth day. It was originally started in 1970. In this time the Unites States of America was at War with Vietnam. Also at this time the people in the USA were in need of more gas for their cars. And another problem was air pollution. And besides the fact that mainstream america had a lot of environmental issues, Rachel Carson made wrote Silent Spring 1962. This was about the environment and sold more than 500,000 copies in over 24 countries.

Ways to Reduce

1. Use one cup a day by doing this you will save more money from not using the dishwasher or sink as much.

2. Make arts and crafts out of trash cause not only will you have a great souvenir but it will not fill up a landfill.

Facts about Earth Day

1. It was first celebrated April 22 1970

2. It was started in the USA but in 1990 it became international

3. On the first Earth Day 20 million people were in the streets.

4. In 2009 Disney created a film called Earth and animals were based in the movie

5. Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day as he was a Senator.

Activities to do on Earth Day

1. Turn off lights almost all day except at nighttime.

2. One day of the week eat something besides meat like pasta and vegetables.

3. Plant vegetables and get outside and do something.