Vote For The Columbian Exchange

by: Logan Marple

Positive things and Negative things that happened in the Columbian Exchange.

The columban exchange is something that helps many people.Some positive things that happened in the columbian exchange are they brought back different plants and animals that the natives have never seen before they did this because they were bringing food for each other.Another example of a positive thing the did was the Native Americans started growing plants that the Europeans brought back and it was really easy for them they did this because they needed to have food and they wanted to find out what it would be like to grow plants that he had never seen before.Another example that was a positive one is that they would go and introduce the horses to the Americans and they also brought back more plants and animals they did this because they were going to go on the columbian exchange and they were going to use those horses.some negative things that are in the columbian exchange are there was a fungus in the potatoes and it killed many people that survived on potatoes.They did this because there was just something in the plant that that made it bad for people to eat.Another example is people brought back diseases like small pox they did that to kill the Americans. Another example is 80 percent of the people died from the diseases and the rats that brought the diseases they did this because they did not like the Americans.You should vote for the columian exchange because they trade things and bring back things would help the poor people to have food.