Edward's religious changes

By Tatiana Raissis 2G

Henry VIII's changes to religion

Henry VIII made lots of important changes to religion, one of the reasons for doing so was because Henry did not like the fact that the Pope had power over him.


But what did Edward think about all these changes...

Although Edward grew up in a Catholic environment, he was actually a protestant. Edward thought that the Catholic church worshipped God in the wrong way, that God should be worshipped in a plain and simple manner. When Edward became king he had the power to change the church in whatever way he wanted This included making it protestant...

But what did everyone else think of Edward's changes...

Many people, especially in the countryside, did not like all the changes and preferred the old services and churches, in some areas this lead to rebellions. The leaders of one rebellion in Cornwall saw just how ruthless young king Edward could be. Edward then sent in his soldiers to hang he rebels from the nearest trees.

So what happened to Edward in the end?

Edward had always been a sickly child and was constantly in need of a doctor. Edward had to have his bedroom walls washed three times a day to prevent him from catching diseases. By the age of 15 Edward was dying of a lung disease called tuberculosis. All his hair ell out, his nails came off and his fingers and toes began to loosen and drop away at the joints.

Edward died on July 6th 1553. As Edward had no children his older sister Mary took over the throne. Mary was a very strong roman catholic so Edward said that after he died his cousin Lady Jane Grey would rule, instead of Mary, as she was a protestant. Lady Jane Grey was crowned queen on the 10th July 1553. Unfortunately after only nine days of ruling Mary was to popular and Lady Jane Grey was sent to the tower of London where she was later executed in 1554.