J&K Weekly

Vol.1 Iss.6

Can Push-Ups Up Your Grades?

Can exercise really make people smarter? At a Kansas Middle School, students found chain linking between physical fitness and better grades from math and reading exams!

Apparently exercise works! The results showed that the students that met one requirement of fitness standards scored 51% higher grades in math, and 42% higher grades in reading! For students that met five requirements of fitness standards, they scored 74% higher in reading, and 70% higher grades in math. So next time a big test comes your way.... think about exercise!

By Jenna Hardy

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Joke of the Week

Q: Why do you go to bed every night?

A: Because your bed won't come to you!

Know-It-All Nancy Says:

"President Kennedy was the fastest random speaker in the world with 350 words per minute!"
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As Technology Progresses

In the past 30 years, technology progression has put millions of people in shock. At one time, one computer was the size of a room. But today, they can fit in your pocket! Not only has it gotten better, but some technology is not helping. When someone gets attached to an iPhone or an Xbox for too long, it makes that person cranky. So in a way, technology runs the world right now. Who knows! Maybe by the time we are adults and have kids, there will be flying cars! I wouldn't be surprised!

By Kayci Pharaon

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"Dear Ava,"

Dear Ava,

Why isn't the world greener?

-Green Girl

Dear "Green Girl,"

The world isn't greener because some people just decide that they don't care about our Earth. They just take everything on our planet for granted. That's mostly pollution. We have the power to make the world more greener! For example, BMS has a recycling club. That's a start! I hope this answered your question!