Origins of Christianity

Origin: present day Israel

Basic religious beliefs: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sacrificed himself to save people from sins.

Classifications of religion: Universalizing and Monotheistic religion

Branches and divisions:

Branches: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant

Denominations: Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian

Geographic Distribution


  • Began in Palestine (Hearth)

  • Missionaries diffused it to the edges of the Roman Empire’s sea routes and roads

  • (relocation).

  • From the edges of the Empire it worked its way in through contagious diffusion.

  • The dominance of the religion was assured after it enacted hierarchical diffusion.
  • From there it relocation diffused during the Era of Explanation.

Holy Places:

  • Bethlehem, Israel: birthplace of Jesus

  • Nazareth, Israel: where Jesus lived and began ministry

  • Jerusalem, Israel: where the early Church was started

  • The Vatican (Catholicism): also known as "Vatican City" and "The Holy See"

  • (an independent state within Rome, Italy)

  • Salt Lake City (Mormons): Utah: World headquarters of Church of Jesus

  • Mormon Tabernacle, etc.

Where it is practiced today:

The majority of Christianity’s followers are located in the Western World (North America and Europe), but Christianity is not uncommon to be practiced in any other part of the world.

Number of followers:

2.04 Billion People practice Christianity

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Unique Features

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Key Figures


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Holy Texts


The Ten Commandments.

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Religious Symbols


Ichthus (Christian Fish)

Alpha and Omega

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Place of Worship



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Impact on social and family structures

Impact on Society:

Christians have taboos (a restriction due to one's faith). Some examples include having premarital sex , and being involved with another religion.

Impact on Family:

Man dominates the family and is in charge.

Children must listen to their parents.

Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord(Colossians 3:20)

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Impact on cultural beliefs and expectations

Cultural Beliefs:

Christians do not support abortion:

"You shall not kill either the fetus by abortion or the new born"(Letter or Barnabas, circa 125)

Homosexuality is wrong


Reading the Bible

Going to Church on Sundays

Essential Question

Why does Christianity have more followers on a global scale?


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