By: Andrea Morales

Who was Constantine.

Constantine was born in Naissus, Upper Moesia, on 27 February in roughly AD 285. He was one of the most well known of the Roman Emperors. He was emperor from 306 A.D-337 A.D.

Why he was important to the increase of the Christian Faith.

He was important to the increase of the Christian faith by issuing the Edict of Milan, which ended the persecution of Christians and mane the Christian religion legal. He is considered to be an important part of the early history of the catholic church. He played an important part at the Council of Nicaea and also increase the role of catholic church in Roman government. His appointment of catholic bishops made them powerful in the government. This would make him the first Roman Emperor to accept Christianity.

The Emperor Constantine Rules.

Constantine took office as Supreme Pontiff. And, as Supreme Pontiff, he gave recognition to the god that had been his father's favorite. Constantine's half of the empire was five or more percent Christian. His mother, Helena, was among Christians. Constantine had become sympatheric with the god of the Christians.

The family of Constantine.

The father of Constantine. He was elevated to Caesar in 293. He died at York in 305.

The mother of Constantine. She died in 328 A.D. at the age of 80.

The son of Constantine and his first wife, Minervina. By order of Constantine, Crispus his son was executed in326.

Fausta the second wife of Constantine, was executed in 326.

Constantine II, son of Constantine he died while fighting his brother.

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