Roanoke Sound


The Roanoke Sound is a sound that separates Roanoke Island from Bodie Island of the Outer Banks. To the north of the Roanoke Sound lies the Albemarle Sound and to the south lies the Pamlico Sound. One bridge, which carries U.S. Highway 64, crosses the sound.

About The Sound

The Roanoke Sound is located at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is very important to the area as it is a protective breeding ground for many NC coastal animals. Crabs, grey trout, flounder, black drum and flounder to name a few all call the sound HOME. There are many rivers that feed the sound. The North River, The Little River, The Pasquotank River, The Perquimans River to name a few. The Sound is threatened by a lot of things like, toxic runoff, acid rain, the possibility of fracking in the near future of the NC coast.

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