The Raptor Report

RHAM Middle School

Week of 5/9 - 5/13

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Spring Concert was Wednesday night here at the Middle School. The Jazz Band, Chorus and Band sounded great and it was a wonderful performance - congratulations to the students and their teachers for a beautiful night of music! The spring weather has finally appeared and it was fun to see our student athletes in action outdoors and enjoying their sports activities.

Just a quick note that the 7th graders are excited to have their first dance next Friday, May 20th. Please see below for more information regarding the dance.

As a reminder, all outstanding obligation balances and school lunch balances must be paid off before June 16th. 8th grade students must have all obligations paid off in order to participate in the promotion ceremony on June 16th. We currently have a number of students who have outstanding balances, please check your spam mail to be sure you are not missing any messages regarding an outstanding balance from a "" email address. Should you have any questions about a lunch balance owed, please contact the Whitson's Manager, Kathleen Caselli, at 860-228-9474 ext. 3710 or by email at

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions,

Michael Seroussi

Important Dates

  • May 20-7th Grade Dance - MS Cafe (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)
  • May 25-8th Grade Field Trip
  • May 27-Early Dismissal (11:45 AM)
  • May 30-No School/Memorial Day
  • June 3-Celebration of Excellence - Gold Team (8:00 AM)
  • June 7-Celebration of Excellence - Red Team (8:00 AM)
  • June 8-Celebration of Excellence - Green Team (8:00 AM)
  • June 9-Celebration of Excellence - Inquiry Team (8:30 AM)
  • June 10-Celebration of Excellence - Purple Team (8:00 AM)
  • June 16-8th Grade Promotion Ceremony (8:00 AM)
  • June 17-Offical Last Day of School (All Students)

News and Notes

8th Grade Promotion Corner

This news section will remain until the end of the year with information and any updates regarding 8th Grade Promotion.

Date: Thursday, June 16th at 8:00 AM

(if rain, will be indoors, same date & time)

Outdoor Ceremony is planned - unlimited seating available.

Indoor Ceremony will be limited to 3 tickets per student.

Reminder to please return your Promotion Certificate Name Information as soon as possible to ensure that your student(s) has the correct name on their certificate. You can also email your response directly to If a response is not received, the full name that is in PowerSchool will be used.

8th grade students must have all obligations paid off in order to participate in the promotion ceremony on June 16th. We currently have a number of students who have outstanding balances, please check your spam mail to be sure you are not missing any messages regarding an outstanding balance from a "" email address. Should you have any questions about a lunch balance owed, please contact the Whitson's Manager, Kathleen Caselli, at 860-228-9474 ext. 3710 or by email at

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Message from Guidance

Incoming 7th graders had the opportunity to come in and tour RHAM Middle School. Tours were guided by some of our current 8th graders. It was great to see some new faces! Thank you to our tour guides! You did an amazing job!

This month, School Counselors will be in 7th grade classes talking about learning, productivity and how that relates to career interests. 7th graders will have the opportunity to take an assessment in Naviance called AchieveWorks Learning and Productivity that will help them discover their sensory, environmental and mindset preferences, which can relate to future careers.

At the end of this month, School Counselors from the high school will be coming down to the middle school to briefly meet with 8th graders about any conflicts they might have in their grade 9 schedules and/or course selections.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


Middle School Guidance Office

RHAM Student Support for the Children in Ukraine

RHAM students whose families emigrated from Ukraine and Poland along with members of a number of our student groups are asking to support a fundraiser to raise money for the Save the Children Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund helps provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, and psychosocial support.

Please see the donation flyer with QR Code HERE.

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AHM Youth Services - Updates/News

SOAR Youth Group:

We do mini-fundraisers! We host motivational speakers! Every student has a voice! Our purpose is positive youth activities that make a difference in the lives of our RHAM students and community. Please see the flyer HERE for more information.


AHM Project Graduation Committee is in need of parent volunteers to help plan the 2022 all-night event for RHAM Seniors & help at fundraisers! Please visit the Project Graduation page and see all the fun ways you can get involved! Click HERE.

Other Resources:

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Student Clubs and Activities!

It is never too late to join a club or activity! Even if a club has already started, most clubs have the ability for you to jump right into the activities. Please see the office or club advisor for details.


  • Art Club - Meets every Tuesday from 2:15 - 3:15 pm in Room 237. Please contact Mrs. Gradie for more information.
  • GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) - This all inclusive club plans meets to plan different activities to help spread equality and inclusion for all. We paint murals, play games and engage in other school wide awareness activities. Meets every other Wednesday from 2:20-3:00pm in Room 136.
  • Math Club - Meets every Wednesday from 2:15-3:15pm in Room 100. All grades, all levels of math abilities are welcome!
  • Card Game Club - Meets alternate Thursdays from 2:15-3:45pm in Room 103. Card games and board games of all kinds are welcome and encouraged! Contact Mr. Conroy for more information.
  • Environmental Club - Meets every Thursday at 2:15-3:00pm in Room 115.
  • Jazz Band - Meets every Tuesday from 2:15-3:30pm. Students should sign-up on the bulletin board in the Music Hallway.
  • Yearbook Club - Meets every Tuesday after school until 3:30 pm in Room 123. All are welcome, please see Ms. Sinosky or Mrs. Allard for more details.
  • Drama Club (RMS) - began with it's informational meeting on this year's edition of "Radio Play" on Wednesday, October 6th from 2:20-3:30 pm in the High School Auditorium. More information to come.
  • Lego Club - Meets every other Wednesday from 2:15-3:30 pm in Room 123. Come build with your friends where Everyone is a Master Builder! See Ms. Sinosky for more information.
  • RHAM Race Team - (formally Alternative Energy Race Team) Meets every Thursday from 2:15-3:30 pm in Rm 122. See Ms. Sinosky for more information.
  • Future Problem Solvers Club - Meets on Monday evenings at RHAM High School from 6:00-7:00 pm. For more information, please contact Sherri Pelletier at
  • TSA/VEX - (Technology Student Association) If you are interested in Co2 Cars, Programming, Public Speaking, Problem Solving and/or VEX Robotics, this club is for you. Meets every other Wednesday from 2:20-3:30 pm in Room 123. See Ms. Sinosky for more information.
  • RHAMblings - student literary magazine. Meets once a month (dates TBD). Please contact Ms. Golas for more information and details.
  • Leo Club - As a member of the Leo Club you will volunteer at community events as a way to raise money. At the end of the year you will decide where to donate the money in the community. Meets one Wednesday a month and volunteer opportunities occur throughout the year. Please see Mrs. Van Sicklin for more information.
  • World Language/French Club - meets every other Thursday after school in Room 201. Please see Mr. Ndao for more information and details.
  • World Language/Spanish Club - meets every other Thursday (opposite weeks of French Club) after school in Room 200. Please see Ms. Shabazian for more information and details.

Ongoing After School Help:

  • PM Study - Meets Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoon. Grade 7 in Rm 112 and Grade 8 in Rm 206. Please see school counselor for a PM Study Contract if interested.
  • Math Lab - Meets every Tuesday, Room 101, Mrs. Kane
  • Writing Lab - Meets every Wednesday, Room 110, Mrs. Day-Canty
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Please utilize the FamilyID Link for information or updates from athletics.

FamilyID Link

Click here to register your child on FamilyID

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Please complete the Attendance Form for Late, Early Dismissal or Absent

RHAM MS Attendance Form (click here)

Fill out the attendance form when your child will be late, dismissed early or absent from school

Notes From the Nurse

Recently, the Connecticut State Department of Education and the Connecticut State Department of Public Health announced that schools may return to their regular, pre-COVID-19 sick policies.

Since the case rates are very low, we are returning to our prior sick policy which is to stay home for 24 hours since the last fever (without using fever-reducing medications) and for 24 hours since the last episode of vomiting or diarrhea.

Staff members and families may wish to continue to test themselves or their children for COVID-19, but this is no longer required (we still have plenty of home test kits available if needed).

It is recommended that all staff members, students, and visitors wear masks while ill. And, it is expected that anyone who is at school while ill will utilize standard health precautions such as frequent hand washing, and covering of all coughs and sneezes.

If a student or staff member develops symptoms after being exposed or tests positive, we will continue to require isolation and quarantine. Please still notify the nurse immediately when this happens. Though contact tracing will not be conducted, we will continue to monitor the presence of COVID-19 and adjust our approach as needed. If you have questions or concerns contact the nurse’s office or administration.

Please continue to monitor your students, contact the Middle School Nurse and keep them home if they are sick and/or exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever above 100.4 when taken by mouth
  • Chills, muscle pain, body aches
  • Cough (or new uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing for students with chronic allergies/asthma)
  • Diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • New onset of severe headache, especially with fever
  • Loss of taste or smell

Sanitizing, Washing, and Physical Distancing Guidelines

  • Students can sanitize their hands upon entering a classroom each period of the day. This is a recommendation from Chatham Health District. Students may choose to clean their desks, but this is not a requirement nor a recommendation from Chatham Health. Hand sanitizer and wipes are available throughout the building and when possible, staff and students should wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Frequent hand washing is encouraged.
  • Maintain 3 to 6 feet of distance between individuals whenever possible.


  • If your child has symptoms after being vaccinated, please keep them home from school.

  • If they come to school while having COVID symptoms that may or may not be due to the vaccination, the nurse must treat the students as though they may be COVID positive, which includes isolating them, sending them home, and requiring testing/quarantining.

Nut Free School

We are still a nut free school, so please be sure your child is not bringing food products with nuts in them.

RHAM School 2021-2022 Calendar

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2021-2022 RHAM Academic Calendar

Print out a copy of the MOST RECENT 2021-2022 RHAM Academic Calendar.

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Lunch Menu for Week of 5/16 - 5/20

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The Regional School District #8 Food & Nutrition Department is asking for your patience and support as we navigate new challenges. We may need to make quick substitutions to our menu(s) based upon what we are able to acquire. We want to help limit the effects this has on our students, and we are doing out best to provide updates about menu changes as soon as possible after we identify an issue.

As you may be aware, nationwide shortages and delays have affected the availability of certain food items, leading to substitutions of menu items that we've been able to offer regularly in the past. These supply issues are occurring throughout the country and are especially challenging for school systems due to the quantity of meals we serve and the nutrition standards we follow. The entire food service industry is currently faced with unprecedented shortages and massive delays or cancellations of deliveries, in addition to food service department labor shortages.

Please know that our number one priority continues to be providing healthy, nutritious and appetizing meals for your children, and we will ALWAYS have a meal for them every day. We appreciate your community support and patience as we continue to offer meals at no charge for all students. The good news is that free breakfast and lunch will continue throughout the school year. Participation helps our program to stay strong, as well as ensures everyone gets a nutritious meal. We look forward to serving our customers every day.

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Additional Food Service Information

Click here to find out more about what our food service has to offer

Bus Information


· The link to bus routes is posted on the RHAM Middle School website on the main page or under the "Parent" drop down menu, or you are welcome to click the link below.

General directions to find your child’s bus:

· Go to RHAM Middle School Website

· Click on the Bus Icon/Bus Routes (in yellow band) or click link below to bring you directly to Dattco's site.

· Click on "RHAM School Search Routes Link"

· Enter your address in boxes

  • Address Box - fill in Street Number
  • Next Box - fill in Street Name & Zip Code (use abbreviations for St., Rd, Ln., Dr.)
  • Click RHAM HS-MS 01
  • Click Submit

· Your stop with both AM and PM times should be listed, along with bus number and location of pick up/drop off.

· If all that comes up is one road and it is not yours, click the down arrow and find your Road. The stop(s) on that road will be listed there.

***Please note: Not all bus stops will be at your residence. There may be a group stop just a few houses away or on the corner of 2 intersecting roads*

We also want to remind you to please have your student out waiting for the bus at least 10 minutes before the estimated pick up time and have them stay out about 10 minutes after estimated pick up time. Bus drivers will be working hard to arrive at the estimated time but the first few days there may be some buses that arrive early or are delayed.