Promoting 5th Grader Newsletter

June 2020

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Village Elementary 5th Grade Drive By Promotion and Celebration on Thursday, June 11th

Village Elementary 5th Grade Drive By Promotion and Celebration

Date: Thursday, June 11th

Time: 9:00 AM-10:40 AM

Location: Village Elementary

We will be celebrate our 5th graders promoting to CMS by Drive By!

Similar to CMS 8th graders, Village Elementary, will be holding a Village Elementary 5th Grade Drive By Promotion and Celebration for our promoting 5th grade students. Our entire staff will be present to cheer on our students aligning the streets of Village on H and 6th Ave, and certificates will be given to the students.

Promotion Event on June 11th:

5th Grade Drive-through Promotion Parade:

Decorate your cars! Get dressed up! Let’s have fun!

Our staff will be there to support and cheer on our soon to be 6th graders!

The drive-through parade will begin at 9:00 AM

Safety First:

  • One family per car- immediate family members only. Family members must remain in the car at all times. Student may get out to receive certificate.

  • All staff support, administration, and law enforcement will maintain 6' social distancing protocol, at all times, throughout the event.

  • Appropriate law enforcement and staff support will be in place to support traffic flow.

  • Students, parents, and family members should have/wear masks and follow social distancing rules.


  • Decorate your car! Some ideas are here!
  • Display your student’s name in the front or passenger side window so it's easily visible. This name plate and promotion program was sent home last week. If you did not receive it, please a name place for your child and place in the front passenger side of the window. This will help us gather gather his/her promotion items as you arrive in front of the school.

  • Photos We know you want to capture this memory, so we will have photographer/videographer and make photos/video available to downloaded a few days after the event.
  • Timing: We have given our best efforts to plan for the timing of the event and provide details to make the even run smoothly. This is our first time preparing for a Drive By Promotion. Please be patient with us as we may be off a few minutes in getting everyone through. We appreciate your flexibility and grace in this endeavor!
  • We are sooooo excited to see your promoting 5th grader on Thursday!

Drive Through Directions:

  • Your promoting student should sit in the front passenger seat.

  • All cars will line up on H Ave. and G Ave. or F Ave, between 7th and 8th.

  • Cars will merge right onto H and 7th Ave. and proceed to where they will turn right onto 6th St. (in front of Village). Village staff will be present to direct traffic and direct during the car staging areas.

  • All students and family members must remain in their vehicle at all times and follow directions for the designated path.

  • Staff only will be permitted to stand 6 feet apart along H and 6th St.

  • A photographer/videographer will be present to take photos as cars approach the front of Village Elementary (where balloon arch will be located).

  • Cars will turn right on 6th Ave. and stop at the marked line in front of Village Elementary.

  • Once the car has stopped, the promoting student, ONLY, may exit the passenger car door to pick up his/her certificate and pause for a quick picture.

  • Students will pause for a photo-the photographer will be appropriately socially distanced. After the photo, student will step back into the car.

Additional Information:

  • No sales, exchanges of goods or food, or restrooms permitted during the promotion.

  • Participants must leave the area after retrieving a certificate.

  • No gathering prior to, during, or after the ceremony.

  • Persons at higher risk for severe symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home.

Car Staging Area: Entering designated streets at 8th Ave and lining up on designated streets.

Staff will be present at each street, helping to direct traffic.

Staging Area:

9:00 AM - Room 501 on H between 7th and 8th (Enter on 8th heading north)

9:20 AM - Room 502 on G between 7th and 8th (Enter on 8th heading north)

9:40 AM - Room 503 on F between 7th and 8th (Enter on 8th heading north)

10:00 AM - Room 504 on H between 7th and 8th (Enter on 8th heading north)

10:20 AM - Room 505 on G between 7th and 8th (Enter on 8th heading north)

  • Beginning at 9:00 am, Room 501 will begin the Drive By, with staff lining H Ave
  • Upon coming up to the front of the school driven in a car by parents, student names will be announced, pomp and circumstance playing and a certificate will be given to the student, sitting in the front seat. Upon stopping, student may get our go car for a quick photo opportunity.
  • Photos and Video will be taken and links to download will be available after.

*If you are unable to attend the drive by celebration, a promotion certificate will be mailed home to you. If unable to attend and would like the certificated mailed to you, please email

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