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Stoneleigh Stallions Staff News 5-4-2015

Informal and Formal Observations

Informal observations will continue to look for evidence of and provide feedback on the 7 high impact techniques which teachers use to create a ready to learn environment with a classroom culture that directs student behaviors.

- strategic arrangement of furniture

- behavior management system in place

- pre-established routines and procedures

- teacher artifacts, graphic organizers, and academic anchors

- student work displayed

- positive framing (strategic use of positive reinforcement)

- redirect inappropriate behavior and strategically stop misconduct

What About All Those Pre-Made Anchor Charts I Have?

The point of an anchor chart is to anchor the teaching and learning that is happening in the classroom, so it should be reflective of the work that the students are doing. This SES teacher blended a pre-made anchor chart with information provided by students. Student found examples of characteristics of a free verse poem were added through placement of "Post-It" notes and an additional characteristic generated by the students was added to the bottom of the chart.

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Small Group Areas for Not So Small Groups

Classrooms need to have flexibility in order to accommodate large and small group activities. When arranging small group instructional areas consider the following items:

  • Supplies and learning materials should be easily accessible.

  • Students should be able to clearly see and use learning materials.

  • The teacher/instructional assistant should be able to clearly see and monitor all students working.

  • Rules/procedures for learning activities should be clearly posted.

Notice how this SES teacher created a small group instructional area near the docking station as directed, but still accommodates a large number of students within the small area (conference table).

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Focus on Domain 1 - Knowledge of Resources: Resources for Classroom Use

What does highly effective look like?


  • offers students a variety of resources from which to choose that contain the same content written at reading levels that match the student instructional/independent levels.

  • extends the lesson with resources outside of the classroom, such as guest speakers including parents, field experiences, and so forth.

  • gives students access to researched sites on the internet which match student skill levels.

  • explores resources that are singular and unique to the topics or concepts that are available at the local public library, local businesses, and local colleges.

  • researches resources regularly on the Internet (such as ones that publish student work), checking them for validity and appropriateness, and keeps electronic files of resources updated.

  • uses resources from professional organizations and ongoing relationships with colleges and universities that support student learning.

  • keeps a log of contacts with external resources that includes evaluative comments about the experiences and recommendations for improvement.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, May 4th, 8:30am to Friday, May 8th, 3:30pm

Nationally; BCPS; Stoneleigh Elementary


Monday, May 4th, 9am

Stoneleigh Classroom

Flipped schedule in place is the same as March PARCC PBA testing. EOY testing continues through Thursday, May 14th. Schedule returns to normal Friday, May 15th.

Faculty Meeting

Monday, May 4th, 3:30-4:30pm

Stoneleigh Elementary Libary

PTA Family Fitness Night

Monday, May 4th, 6:30-8:30pm

Stoneleigh Elementary

Teacher and Principal of the Year Ceremony

Wednesday, May 6th, 4-6pm

938 York Road

Towson, MD

Safe Racer County Competition

Friday, May 8th, 7-9pm

2600 Putty Hill Avenue

Parkville, MD

BCPS STEM County Fair

Saturday, May 9th, 8:30am-12pm

2600 Putty Hill Avenue

Parkville, MD

Pre-K/K Conference Day

Monday, May 11th, 8:30am-3:30pm

BCPS including Stoneleigh Elementary

No school for Pre-K and Kindergarten students

Vocal Music/Instrumental Concert

Monday, May 11th, 1:45-3pm


Grades 1 and 2 only

Self-Reflection for Evaluation Due

Monday, May 11th, 3:30pm

Stoneleigh Front Office

Turn in paperwork to Heather

Vocal Music/Instrumental Concert

Tuesday, May 12th, 1:45-3pm


Grades K, 3, 4, and 5

Spring Vocal and Steel Drum Concernt

Tuesday, May 12th, 7-9pm