Freak The Mighty


The Title

The title is loyalty because, when Max and Kevin saw each other for the first time they became friends. Max and Kevin they were starting to be great buddies they been doing a lot together and they were loyal to each other. In one paragraph they trusted each other. "Which i'm right about, he does have a plan. Only plan to run out into the smelly millpond and drown us both. "GO ON!" he's shouting from up above my head. "TRUST ME, WE'LL BE OK!" Blade is shouting, too, and I can hear his feet pitter-pattering behind me. Catching up. "WARP SPEED!" Freak is shouting, and he's kicking both feet now, which means go straight."HEAD FOR H2O!" he says"(on page 36) This paragraph is about how they were trying to get away from Tony .D. and they didn't know where to go except to go right in the millpond. Max didn't want to go into the millpond but, he had no choice so, he did and he trusted Kevin. They both survived.

Character's Remarks and Actions

Max and Kevin they always go on adventures, quests, and so on. Max and Kevin they went on an adventure to find treasure and they found a purse in a storm drain all soak and wet. They found an ID in the purse and it said "Loretta Lee". Max and Kevin went to a place that is the New Testaments. They went down the street and they came to a house. They knocked on the door and a guy answered the door then an old lady answered. They found Loretta.

Contrast Between Characters

Kevin(Freak) is different from Max because, he's smart, short, knows many things, and he lives with his mom. Max is different from Kevin because, he lives with his grandma and his grandpa, he's very tall, and he doesn't know a lot of vocabulary. Kevin and Freak decided to call themselves FREAK THE MIGHTY because, they both together are smart, they both figure a way to get out of trouble, they can run fast, and they trust each other.

Man V.S. Man

It's Man V.S. Man because, in the book "Freak The Mighty" Max is always struggling. During the book his dad appears and he got out of jail. Max he didn't know what to do because, his father kid naps him and he was the only one to save himself. The police finally found them and Kevin found Max so, Kevin fought Max's dad to get Max. Finally Max went back home and his father went back to jail. During the book Max and Kevin was at the fireworks and Tony .D. was chasing them. Max and Kevin was trying to get away but, Tony .D. trapped them and then Blade went into the water to get them but, he got stuck in the water and mud. Max and Kevin finally got out then Tony .D. and his gang was in trouble.