Special Invitation!

The Eagle's Team

Organo Gold is empowering individuals from around the world through Loyalty, Unity and Edification. In addition to these solid values, Organo Gold’s industry-leading Compensation Plan makes practically anything possible. It’s an innovative and generous plan that will reward Distributors for their leadership and commitment. The strength of the Organo Gold Opportunity has already created life-changing incomes, and it looks set to change many more lives for the better.

We are birthing in Nigeria and we invite you to come experience this amazing opportunity with The Eagles.

Come join the First Diamond in all of Organo Gold, Blue Diamond Abbey Ikeola, Miles Anderson, Rory Cox and Ahmed Magem.

The Economy Equalizer

Saturday, April 12th, 2pm

Muson Center, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Lagos

Take Note:

Miles Anderson - 0815 719 9094
Ahmed Magem - 0807 777 5296


Session One:
09:00 AM - Registration
10:00 AM - Business Overview

Session Two:
01:00 PM - Registration
02:00 PM - Business Overview