• Integral Counseling for individuals
  • Somatic BreathWork for individuals & groups
  • Shamanic Counseling for individuals
  • Ceremonial Circles for groups
  • Shamanic Journeys to Mexico, Peru, and Hawaii


New Earth Counseling and Consulting is dedicated to providing alternative pathways for people who are seeking new ways to enhance health, gain insight, and access spirit. We offer a mandala of methods that include Integral Counseling, Buddhist Meditation, and Shamanic Counseling. At the center of this mandala is our work with the breath and the heart, which are the common threads connecting our methods. We are holistic in our approach as we address the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our personal development and evolution through life. We also believe that working with these personal aspects within a context of ecological consciousness and responsibility enhances healing, insight, and spiritual growth both personally and collectively.


Integral Counseling combines East and West philosophies, ancient and modern healing methods, and is grounded in the observation that body, mind, and soul are inseparable in this life. In fact, we believe that the deep and transformative changes that occur in people's lives, for better or for worse, manifest in both mind and body, and are mirrored between the two. A true and lasting change towards health and well-being requires working with both mind and body.

Integral Counseling combines this "bodymind" perspective with tried and true practices such as meditation and shamanism in order to ground people in their authentic nature, and give rise to their true self. This begins with an understanding of how the past manifests in the present. Past adaptations to relationships, stress, and/or traumas tend to evolve into a unique and habitual character formation in the present, which is revealed in both mind and body. While aspects of this character formation may have been appropriate in the past, its protective and defensive functions often become maladaptive in the present. Furthermore, we believe there is often an influence of past generations and ancestors in our current lives, as they interweave with the tapestry of our personal lives and character formation in genetic and unconscious ways.

In the context of Integral Counseling, we explore how this character formation may be sabotaging your life with its constricting attitudes, contracting inhibitions, distorting thoughts, and defensive emotions. Our goal is the deepening of your capacity for love, joy, and intimacy, especially as you seek the fulfillment of maturity and purpose. Moving forward may require reclaiming your body from the suffering of the past, rekindling your passions left behind, learning the language of truth-telling and contactfulness, and expanding your world beyond your comfort zone. You are much more than your character suggests.


Somatic Breathwork has been around for thousands of years and has been practiced under many names. Most recently it has been offered under the banner of Holotropic Breathwork, which is not unlike the Rebirthing movement that preceded it. Early in the 20th Century, Wilhelm Reich, often considered the father of modern somatic and bodymind therapies, discovered in his clinical work that a similar method of deep breathing activated energy, emotions, and memories in his patients. He also observed that there was a psychosomatic process that arose to inhibit this natural process of self-expression, and this is how he began to understand the formation of character and its obstruction of energy on multiple levels.

The depth and the manner in which we breathe is a fundamental indicator of the degree to which we are connected to ourselves, to our bodies, and to the natural world. Following Reich's framework, working with the breath while softening the tensions and obstructions of "muscular armoring" can counteract the contractions of character and allow for more spontaneity, emotion, and energy in life. Ida Rolf added to this formulation the necessity of breaking up the connective tissues that tend to cement this chronic tension into place. There are varying types and degrees of bodywork that can be applied to this process, but the core of the process is the breath. We honor these discoveries of Reich, Rolf, and Grof by offering Somatic BreathWork in conjunction with counseling and healing. We also believe that the breath is a gateway to spiritual awakening, and offer it to groups as part of our Prana Pulsations workshops.


Shamanic Counseling is an approach to helping people which bridges the ancient with the modern. It is not practiced by actual shamans, but is inspired by them. Shamanism dates back tens of thousands of years to a time when we were hunters and gatherers, and our consciousness was imbedded in an all-natural landscape of abundant animals, plants, and minerals against the backdrop of a living planet. These were our original "object-relations" in the world; and our language, knowledge, and wisdom initially evolved around identifying and classifying these naturally emergent entities and objects. The healers were the ones that understood the healing properties of many of these plants and minerals, and among these healers were the shamans who served as counselors and priests for their community. Shamans have several tools in their shamanic tool kit: drumming, chanting, singing, dancing, as well as the use of medicinal plants and herbs.

A Shamanic Counselor utilizes many of the same tools, but does so in a modern context of science and research, especially in terms of neurobiology and our expanding appreciation of the human brain. Shamanic Counselors do not presume to be shamans, but are experienced in and inspired by the kind of explorations and healing that they represent. We can assist and accompany you on journeys through your own inner landscapes, and in the process give you the space where you may heal old wounds, receive insights and visions, connect to something bigger than yourself, and perhaps even develop a stronger sense of purpose for your life. Belief in a "spirit realm" is not necessary for you to receive the benefits of shamanic counseling. Your attitudes and intentions are highly relevant however, especially if you open your heart and mind to the process and allow yourself to face your fears, anxieties, and what Carl Jung called the Shadow of your Persona.


Humans have been gathering in circular formations in most cultures for thousands of years. It is a way of gathering and communicating in which every person in the group can see and hear everyone else in the group...face to face. It was probably fundamental in the development of language and the evolution of community, especially as a way to resolve conflict and create consensus. We do know that it also took on a sacred dimension in social evolution as a ceremonial container of spiritual aspirations and rituals, which continues to this day.

Ceremonial Circles today can be as simple as a talking circle where everyone has the opportunity to speak their emotional truth without interruption or judgement. Most of us come from familial, social, and/or cultural environments where this was not the norm, and so a Ceremonial Circle offers a place where we can engage in an exploration and expression of our souls fearlessly and honestly. This expression is what we call the true self, that part of us that yearns to tell the truth, and that feels liberated by doing so. We have found this format to be effective for men's groups, women's groups, divorcee groups, people going through life transitions, and for people facing dementia, dying, and death.

Ceremonial Circles can also be used for healing and as a spiritual practice. We offer weekend Ceremonial Circles for people wishing to deepen their healing and/or practice in shamanic work. This is where we go beyond the interpersonal into the transpersonal. These overnight gatherings require that participants have at least two individual sessions before the circle in order to transform issues into intentions, and one or two individual sessions after the circle for integrating insights, visions, and life changes into one's daily life.


Yoga is an important part of the mandala of services that we offer. Dr Helaine Sheias brings us her unique approach to Yoga with her EcoYoga Healing for individuals and Yingenuity Yoga classes for groups. She offers her therapy and teaches her classes at various locations in Marin and Sonoma counties.

We believe that any method of healing can be enhanced by natural surroundings, and we go beyond just the methods themselves and offer clients the opportunity to "get away from it all", whether its for a few hours or for an overnight stay in the Yurt. We are located at the gateway to the rest of West Marin, which includes Samuel P Taylor Park, Point Reyes National Seashore, and hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails.


Inner and outer journeys are similar in that they both involve a certain amount of curiosity and courage, a willingness to face the unknown, and the flexibility to let go of control and relax rigid patterns of thinking and behaving. Journeys take many paths. Some take us to beautiful landscapes and curiously different cultures. Other journeys take us into non-ordinary realities and curiously different perspectives.

We are developing a series of retreats to sacred places in foreign lands where Nature is still alive and well, and where ancient cultures and their spirituality still resonate with the current culture. Our goal is to provide a variety of outer and inner journeys in the context of a retreat from your daily life to a land far away. Our outer journeys usually include hiking to sacred sites, ancient ruins, caves and caverns, snorkeling and SCUBA diving in magic waters, and immersing into the local culture and food. Our inner journeys include meeting with local Shamans and natural Healers, private sessions, Ceremonial Circles, and Somatic Breathwork.


holds a Master's Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology, both from the California Institute of Integral Studies of San Francisco. He has worked in the Mental Health field for over 40 years, has been certified in Vivation BreathWork for over 30 years, and studied Character Analysis at the Orgonomic Institute of Northern California (2010-2013). He is founder of New Earth Counseling and Consulting, which offers alternatives for healing and insight that address the somatic, ecological, and spiritual aspects of being alive. NECC provides sessions, classes, ceremonial circles, and other gatherings at our Ceremonial Room and Meditation Yoga Yurt in West Marin, CA.


is a certified Yoga Therapist and holds a doctorate degree in Human Sciences from the Socially Engaged Spirituality program of the Saybrook Institute. She is the founder of Eco-Yoga Healing, an earth-based spiritual approach to health and well-being.