Prairie Gems Challenge

April / May

The Challenge

I'm sending you all this message because to me, you are all such important parts of the Prairie Gems team! Never did I dream that I'd be a coach to such a fabulous group of diverse women. I signed up because I fell in love with a bracelet, and look how far we've come! I just can't thank you enough for all you do...

I've put together this little challenge that will benefit everyone in some way or another. I have a few prizes, one for April, one for May and a grand prize which will be awarded when the challenge is over and the goals are met.

How would you like the opportunity to go shopping at a major high end department store and buy yourself something you would NEVER otherwise buy for yourself? I have a gift card ready for you to do just that should you be the winner of this challenge, not to mention the rest of the prizes!

Challenge Guidelines

1) Qualify for each month ($500 April & May) or sell $1000 in April OR May for one entry. Sell $2000 and receive two entries, sell $3000 for three, and so on.
2) Set up a weekly or bi-weekly coaching call with me, stick with it and follow the coaching call guidelines worksheet I give you so we can make the very most of your biz this season (coming to an inbox near you soon). This will be a dedicated Stella & Dot chat and we will focus on strategies to get you booking, selling, and sponsoring more than ever before!
3) Sponsor a new stylist and get them qualified within their first 30 days and get an extra entry!
4) Our team must hit Star for April & May to qualify for all prizes. We are a small team, but we are mighty! Just to let you know where we are sitting so far... we need one more qualified stylist, and about 3400 gcv ($5000 retail). With about 10 shows still left for the month, I'm sure we will hit it with ease! I'm going to create a post on FB, so we can share our successes, cheer each other on, and count it down together! I really think it will make it more fun & exciting! Let's work on booking for May from all those trunk shows so May will be a breeze and I can hand out these fabulous prizes!
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