Cold War

Cold War Era

Background of the Cold War

It was conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union in which neither nation directly confronted each other on the battlefield, it involved global affairs and us foreign policies End goal was to be the best or number one world power.It was an era of distrust between the US and USSR. Both had nuclear threats, and there was an ideological difference. The ideologogy that differed was that the US had democratic & capitalism views and the views for the USSR was communism& totalitarianism government.

4 events that occurred during the war.

On March 12, 1947, Harry Truman initiated that the United States would provide military, economic, and political aid to the democratic nations that was under threat by oppressive forces, which was called the Truman Doctrine. The Truman Doctrine effectively changed the United States foreign policy away from its usual stance. Truman argued that the U.S could no longer allow the expansion of the Soviet totalitarianism.

In June, 1947, President George Marshall wanted to give aid to Europe, which was called the Marshall Plan. Congress passed the economic Cooperation Act in March, 1948 and approved funding that would eventually rise to over 12 billion dollars for the rebuilding of Western Europe.

The Korean War begin as a civil war in 1950, between North and South Korea. The conflict became more intense when the United Nations joined to help South Korea and the People's Republic of China entered to aid North Korea. The war left Korea divided and brought the Cold War o Asia.

In 1957, Sputnik was the first artificial Earth satellite. Sputnik frightened many americans, because they thought that with their new inventions, the Soviets was going to get the upper hand in the arms race. As the tine satellite orbited the Earth, Americans thought that the Soviets could've got so far ahead of them.

Images of the 4 events

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The first artificial Earth satellite.