"Smallville where you have the future in your hands.."

Why is the future of Smallville in your hands?

It is very important for a city to be sustainable. Smallville is your home and home is a place where you don't pollute the place, home is where you keep everything clean and nice. Smallville is your home and your pride. The best way to protect your Smallville is to keep everything sustainable. The less you use cars, the better for the enviroment. The less you use electricity and save it, the better the city. The more you save water, the better for your Smallville. THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS. PROTECT YOUR SMALLVILLE.

Smallville Urban Land Uses

- Residential.

This is where people live. The type of housing in an area is based on residential density defined by: Number of housing units a hectare. We have different types of housing here in Smallville like;

  • Detached houses
  • Semi-Detached houses
  • Town houses
  • Condos
  • Apartments
And even

  • Basements, With its rents.
Smallville has different types of Residential Density too like

  • Low Density : SIngle - Family houses, semi detached homes and duplexes.
  • Medium Density: Town houses, low rise apartments.
  • High Density: High rise apartments.


Smallville is also occupied with schools, hospitals, government offices and places of worship. Smallville welcomes everyone with different religions too. We have a mixed community. In schools, a child would never feel like he doesn't belong there. Altogether we have 5 high schools, 4 elementary schools and 6 Middle Schools. All of them are First-Class.


Smallville prefers not to have cars for sustainability reasons. As it is mentioned before, The future of Smallville is in your hands. The use of bikes or underground subways are better. We do not own any cars. Smallville wants better for you, Walk is better than anything. It keeps your mental health stable and your physical health better. Altogether we have two airports.

-Open Space

We understand the Importance of Open Space, It has a lot of benefits.

Physiological Benefits, Psychological Benefits &

Nature as contemplation, solitude, privacy and intimacy. Now, open space centers on the manner in which direct experience with the land reduces stress, anxiety , arousal and many other things. Open space plans allow the benefits of open space that make up the character and protects the "green infrastructure" of a community. Open Space is better for Smallville. We have parks, beaches , farm lands and many other places. We have 2 beaches in total and we have parks near every residential area.


Its always necessary for a city to have factories , warehouses and waste processing facilities areas. We made sure to have all of them. A city should have a better economy and production. Smallville has it all. Altogether we have 7 factories, 5 warehouses and 4 Waste Processing Facilities Areas.


Our City can never be boring because we have everything that a person needs for entertainment. We provide Restaurants for every culture and its taste. We have 4 Museums in total for Institutional and Entertainment purpose. We have plazas near every school and houses. Grocery Stores are available too. Not only that, We have Shopping malls, Cinemas , Water parks and Amusement parks as well. Our name may be Smallville but it is no where near Small. Its very Big and we have many resources. We don't prefer cars but we still own Gas Stations. We provide gyms too.
Sustainability easily explained (explainity® explainer video)
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