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Fall 2022

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As summer fades into autumn, we say farewell to beaches and pools, picnics and outdoor parties, and hello to sweaters and pumpkins, fall holidays, and the beginning of school. For our members who have returned to their schools – from preschool to university – I wish you a wonderful and productive school year and a hearty thank you for your continued service to the students of our communities. For those who are no longer working in a school, I wish you enjoyment in whatever you do.

The international convention in New Orleans this summer gave 20 members of DKGNJ the opportunity to learn about the changes to our international constitution and standing rules. One proposed amendment that some NJ members were concerned about was the potential change of the name of our organization. There were so many amendments with a great deal of discussion and debate that we never addressed the question of the name change. As a result, we remain DKG and DKGNJ! Our state organization bylaws and standing rules will be amended as needed to comply with the international changes by our Rules and Bylaws co-chairs, Dr. Barbara Glazewski and Cathy Fortunato.

The 20 DKGNJ members who attended the international convention were quite busy attending workshops, shopping at the marketplace, and of course, attending the business meetings to address the amendments. But no one was busier than Barb Smith who was responsible for organizing volunteers. Up at the crack of dawn each day, Barb did a fantastic job with her responsibilities and made us all proud. Many thanks to Barb for her hard work.

Some of you may be wondering about the results of the convention surveys that were sent out this past year. The results of the first survey gave the ad hoc committee (Dr. Barbara Glazewski, Carol Schwartz, and Ingrid Williams) some indication of why members did not come to the convention. It was apparent, however, that the open-ended responses were contaminated by fears of the pandemic. As a result, a second more targeted survey was conducted. The return rate on the second survey was similarly low to the first, and unfortunately, the results were inconclusive. When asked about the frequency of holding a state convention (every year or every other year), 56.4% of respondents said every other year and 43.6% said every year. Concerning the length of the convention, 39% indicated it should remain the same (Friday night to Sunday morning), 30% responded it should be two days (Saturday and Sunday), and 30% said 1 day (Saturday). Without a clear preference from the membership, the convention will continue to be the same length and frequency for the foreseeable future.

As your chapter begins to meet this fall, please encourage members and inductees to attend the convention as this is the hallmark event of DKGNJ. I missed seeing many of you at the 2022 convention and hope that 2023 will have an impressive turnout! Be on the lookout for more information about the 2023 DKGNJ state convention in the winter newsletter and on the DKGNJ website.

Promoting the Arts as a Part of Chapter Program Planning

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Irene Maskaly, First Vice President

Promoting the arts and the vast as well as culturally diverse talents of our members is a part of the program planning committee’s agenda. Most recently, Epsilon chapter members experienced a workshop titled, ‘Appalachian Music’ presented by members Joy Allen, Joan Lucas, and Merle Tannis. Eta chapter is planning an upcoming meeting highlighting speaker, cinema historian, and author, Richard Barrios and his presentation entitled, ‘The History of Musicals’. The arts offer many exciting avenues to pursue!

Another way to promote the arts is to encourage your chapter members to enter the Arts and Humanities Gallery. Below, is September’s blog entry written for the art jury’s blog by fellow jury member Roxanne Legarde with pertinent information about the Arts Gallery. Enjoy!

The Passionate Artist Within Us…Challenge Yourself to Unlock Your Talents and Share!

Be sure to be included in the upcoming January 15th – February 15th, 2023 Submission Period

Artists come in all categories and varieties, but one thing that unites them is a passion for their craft. Often though, taking the bold step of sharing one's talents is sometimes not as easy as it may seem. We are here to help! The Arts & Humanities Jury provides an easy, quick opportunity to highlight the artistic talents and passions of our members. With a depth of artistry and cultural diversity, many members have willingly shared their talents through the submission process of the DKG Fine Arts Gallery. We encourage you to visit the DKG Fine Arts Gallery located at and click on the Art Gallery Icon located at the base of the webpage. With each category, you will be awed at the amazing visual, literary, musical, and dramatic talents of our international membership.

The Arts and Humanities Jury has created a variety of categories specially designed to showcase your diverse talents.

  • Writing - essay, short story, playwriting, poetry.

  • Performance Art – dance, dramatics, filmmaking, music, original composition, oratory.

  • Visual Arts: 2D – acrylic, charcoal, colored pencil, graphite, mixed media, pastel, pen & ink, printmaking, watercolor, photography (black and white or color).

  • Visual Arts: 3D – basketry, ceramics, jewelry, quilts, sculpture, textiles, woodcarvings.

  • Multimedia: - Blend one or more categories! Illuminate your poetry or short story with photography or 2D Art. Combine playwriting or musical composition with a performance video.

The two submission periods are August 15th - September 15th, 2022, and January 15-February 15th. Click on the submissions tab for the updated submission procedures, rubrics, informational webinar, and “Do’s and Don’ts” tips to guide you successfully through the submission process. To safeguard the personal privacy rights of individual content, a new addition to the submission process is the inclusion of the Video Release and the Photography Consent forms.

Exciting changes to the submission procedures encourage members to submit cultural art and to submit writing in languages other than English, with an English translation. Don’t forget to peruse the Arts and Humanities Blog Icon on the website. The platform is written bimonthly to inform and spotlight our amazing artists. Jury members share tips on strengthening the quality of submissions and highlight artists who have been accepted into the Art Gallery. The Arts and Humanities blog has been a wonderful addition to showcase the vast and culturally diverse talents of our membership.

Don’t miss out on unlocking the artistic talent and creativity within yourself. With each submission opportunity, the Jury is excited to open our Art Gallery to the talents of our international membership. Will you be unlocking your creative talents? The true key is sharing your creative passions with others. Click now!

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Annabelle Boehm, DKGNJ 2nd VP

Happy Fall!

It has been a busy summer. The DKG International Convention provided many changes to the governing documents. Our New Jersey organization was well represented under the leadership of President Pollard. As Membership Chair, I am waiting for guidance on the Reserve Membership amendment that passed.

Thank you to the Membership Chairs and their representatives for an excellent exchange of ideas at the State Meeting on September 10th. We had a lively discussion on how to attract new members. Some chapters adopted a school and provided supplies to new teachers. Another chapter invites local teachers to their meetings. There are a few chapters that are working with local colleges using the Collegiate Membership. The Chapters, that contacted the County Teacher of the Year, had trouble contacting the honoree. Universally, it was a lack of name recognition.

We discussed the fact DKG needs more public recognition. We need to highlight our Big Picture slide show to our members. We need to get the free brochures from the international website to pass out and include in our mailings. The State together with the Chapters should work on a professional stationery design for all correspondence. DKGNJ members can get the word out. Post articles about the chapter community service project in local newspapers, community calendars, and internet sites, such as the local Patch, and on local community Facebook pages.

The news is telling us how dire the teacher shortage is in our local communities. After the lack of school consistency due to Covid, our children are falling behind. DKGNJ has a wealth of knowledge and retired educators who can try to make a difference in their local school district. We can be part of the solution.


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Nominations are now being accepted for state officers for the 2023-2025 biennium

No matter where you go today, you see “Help Wanted” signs. DKGNJ is no different. We need help right now. Every two years we install new officers at our state convention. It’s hard to believe that our current officers will have served for two years by the time we get to our 2023 DKGNJ state convention. That means it’s time to think about filling the positions for the state officers. And before we can fill the positions, we need nominations.

Remember the army recruitment signs depicting Uncle Sam pointing a finger straight ahead with the caption “I WANT YOU”? That’s how I feel right now. I know we have so many dedicated, talented women who would be remarkable using their talents on the state level. For a variety of personal reasons, many of our current state officers will not be continuing. That means that we have many positions to fill. Can you help?

The responsibilities of the state officer positions are very similar to the chapter officer positions. In a nutshell, here’s the responsibilities of each office:

  • The president presides at state meetings, represents the state on the International level, appoints standing committees and their chairs, and chairs the Executive Board.

  • The first vice-president serves as the liaison for the state Convention Program Committee.

  • The second vice-president serves as the liaison for the state Membership Committee.

  • The recording secretary records the minutes of the state and executive board meetings.

  • The corresponding secretary reviews, records and sends all state correspondence.

Nomination forms can be found on the state website or by clicking on this link:

Nominations are due to Ingrid Williams by October 30th and can be emailed to her at

Please seriously considering stepping up. I guarantee you will have an amazing experience and will be surrounded by incredible support.

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Finance Committee News

Gail Griffin, Finance Chair

At the State Meeting on 10 September 2022, the Finance Committee reported that the summer review meeting took place in August and that the accounts of the DKG NJ State Organization and the accounts of the State Convention were found to be in order. The Committee also put forth a motion to the DKGNJ Executive Board for approval to increase the state dues by $10 for both active and reserve members. The motion was approved. The increased amount will start in July 2023.

The rationale for this increase is as follows: 1) In 2020-21, a change was approved to 4.1 of our Standing Rules that allows Finance to determine the amount of the dues that would include any assessments ie., scholarship and convention; 2) Available funds to support DKGNJ events and functions is crucial for the organization; 3) State dues have not been increased since, at least, 1982; 4) Expense obligations need to be shared by the entire membership.

At some point in the next few months, both the Chapter Presidents and the Chapter Treasurer will be notified of the apportionments for the 2023-24 dues.

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Special Awards & Honors

The Elizabeth Bozearth Scholarship

As the world was slowing down during the pandemic, and oftentimes coming to a halt, I decided to keep moving forward. After over 10 years in the classroom, virtual teaching became a whole new journey that every educator was trying to navigate. New tools, new approaches to teaching, new terminology, and a completely new outlook on how to reach each and every student turned into a challenge that I was eager to face by learning more about…well, just about everything I could! I acknowledged that thirst for “more” and decided to pursue my Master of Education degree in Teaching and Learning through Capella University. Virtual teaching by day and learning by night thoroughly consumed me, but I came out on the other side as a better educator and a well-informed individual as a whole. I am so grateful to DKGNJ for the award of the Elizabeth Bozearth Scholarship, which enabled me to pay down a very large portion of my tuition! I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to better myself while being surrounded by such a powerful, wonderful group of women educators who I know are always in my corner!

- Quinn Panagos

MEd in Teaching and Learning

2022 Dedicated Service Award

This year, 2022, was so special because we could actually get back to a live

convention with our fellow sisters. It was also special because we were able to

announce the winner of the Dedicated Service Award, in person, which took a bit

of doing to get her there! Our recipient this year was Roxanne Adinolfi who for

years has been so dedicated to DKG and involved at every level besides all her

other outside commitments. Her accomplishments are astounding. Her friendship

and love for every sister shines through to all who know her. We send our sincerest congratulations to Roxanne and her Sigma Chapter.

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DKGNJ International Convention - New Orleans

DKGNJ State Meeting - September 10, 2022

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Good News: Iota will be selling Magnetic Badge Holders again as a fundraiser! Please visit our IOTA website at for more information on how to order or click the button above to access the order form.

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News From Our Chapters


Alpha Chapter is excited about the plans for our program series “Beyond These Walls”, which begins in October with Beyond These Walls...Historically and a book discussion on Carnegie’s Maid. The programs will continue through the year with Beyond These Walls...State-Wide, Beyond These Walls ....Community, and Beyond These Walls …International.

Our members continue to be busy and active, learning new things and sharing their expertise. In retirement, Laura Perrius has learned to play the harp, thanks to Alpha’s Hoitsma Fund for assistance paying for the lessons. She has played at several public gatherings, including a Clifton Main Library “Art on the Go” activities program for young children, at which she played for their award day. She played and showed the harp to the children, giving them an opportunity to try the strings and see how the harp is played up close.

Clare Swanson attended the DKG International Convention where, as a member of the 2020-2022 International Leadership Development Committee, she presented a workshop with the rest of the committee and also worked the registration desk, was a workshop monitor, and took tickets at the Northeast Regional Breakfast. One of our new members, Tammy Cooper, also attended and served as a page.

Jameelah Wright Howard has been very busy! A chapter she co-wrote with a colleague was published in the book Educational Psychology and Transformational Classrooms. The chapter is titled “The Year of Isaiah”. She presented twice at the American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) Annual Meeting in San Diego. One presentation was titled “Relational Teaching and the Education of Black Boys” and the second one was “Challenging the Marginalization of Black Boys”. Jameelah is working on her Ph.D. and was awarded two academic scholarships, the Rose L. Dakss Early Childhood Education Scholarship, and the Anna Maria Villegas Doctoral Scholarship. In May she was a guest panelist on a webinar during Black Birder’s Week. The program was hosted by Black AF in STEM and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University.

Theresa Maughan, another new Alpha member, is the 2022 NJ State Teacher of the Year and did a podcast on June 30th for PowerEdUp for which there are several links:


Podcast Platforms:


Jennifer Skomial, NJTOY 201, was one of the presenters at TCNJ’s Center for Future Educators this summer. She and the New Jersey State Teachers of the Year for 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2009 presented programs to a group of high school juniors and seniors.

Dr. Emily Hoeflinger began her new job as Assistant Professor of English at Brookdale Community College this fall. Brookdale serves the Monmouth County area with a variety of sites - the main campus on Lincroft as well as satellite sites at Freehold, Hazlet, Long Branch, Wall, and Neptune, and it is ranked in the top 3% for community colleges in the nation. This semester, Dr. Hoeflinger is teaching A:P (Accelerated Learning Program), which is a program that was developed in the Community College System to better support students in need of reading comprehension and writing support. Next semester she will start teaching at two of the Higher Education Centers. This will take her to Wall and Freehold. Dr. Hoeflinger is getting to know the campus and its community.

Submitted by Jan Paxton,

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Joyce Powell has been a Beta member since 2003. You might remember her as a former NJEA President. After moving to Florida, she became quite active in the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC) where she served as President of the Port Charlotte Chapter. She was acknowledged by GFWC back in the Spring for “Living the Volunteer Spirit”.

Joyce never stops giving back to her local community and her world at large. She now serves as the Board chair of the non-profit New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning ( which she helped create with NJEA. Joyce embodies the motto that great things can be accomplished when everyone does something to make the world a better place.


by Diana Vasil, President

Gamma Chapter is proud to introduce Dr. Suzanne Diszler! Sue graduated from Cabrini University in the spring of 2022 with her doctorate in Educational Leadership. Her dissertation, “A Qualitative Study of Professional Use of Paid Time Off in Title 1 Elementary Schools” looked through the lens of teachers working in schools with a high population of students classified as economically disadvantaged to gain a better understanding of the perceptions about, attitudes towards, and reasons why teachers use paid time off. Pursuing her doctorate during the COVID-19 pandemic was no easy feat. Her perseverance demonstrated her dedication to continuing her education, one of the values of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

Congratulations Dr. Diszler!

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The Remarkable Susan Davis: An Epsilon Treasure by Betty Monaghan - Epsilon President

What does one say about a woman who spent 9000 days in First Grade? Well, if that woman is Susan Davis, apparently quite a lot! One might be tempted to think that Sue’s 50-year career in Stanhope, New Jersey’s first-grade classroom would have kept her busy enough, but anyone who knows her knows otherwise. This remarkable woman has dedicated her heart and life’s work to the children of New Jersey and their teachers.

During her time at Stanhope, she was nominated for teacher of the year, and while there she advocated for the staff by being the President, Vice President, Grievance Chairwoman, Membership Chair as well as Pride Chairwoman for SEA (Stanhope Education Association).

She was also involved in the school’s professional development programs and teacher evaluation procedures. Sue also serves on the Nicholas Wihlborg Foundation in memory of a student who passed away from cancer. After her recent retirement, a tree was planted in her name in front of the Valley Road School.

Sue has served as Secretary, Vice President, President, and Pride Chair for the Sussex County Education Association (SCEA). She has also served the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) for many years as Convention Chairwoman, Executive Board Member, Delegate Assembly member, and Congressional contact. She worked on the Pride, Membership, Working Conditions, Leadership, and Convention committees. Sue was a National Education Association (NEA) Director and was a member of the Board of Directors, making decisions for the education association.

She has been Chairperson for the Democratic Committee in Wharton, NJ, and a Committeewoman for the Morristown Democratic Committee.

Sue has and continues to work just as hard for her DKG sisters at both the state and chapter levels. She has served as our Epsilon Secretary, Vice President, and President. Currently, Sue is Epsilon’s Parliamentarian and Nominating Committee Chairwoman. On the state level, Sue has been Recording Secretary and continues to serve as DKGNJ State Convention Co-Chair where she has been in charge of Facilities since 2004.

These impressive achievements are the result of a selfless heart, dedicated to service to others. In the words of her friend, Pam Raynor, “the important thing about Sue is she will come to your aid whatever the problem. I know for sure she dropped everything on the hottest day in July to help me dig up a drainage system at my home. She has arrived at various hospitals to pick up, stay with, and insist on the best medical care for many friends. She is a true friend.” I couldn't agree more. She has been a mentor and has constantly supported me as I took on more leadership roles in Epsilon.

At Epsilon, we honor our friend, Sue Davis, a true friend, and educational leader. Happy Retirement. Sue! You’ve earned it!!


by Dr. MaryLee Batesko, President

If you are a Zeta chapter sister, you are blessed to know and befriend the company of Mrs. Quinn Panagos, our chapter’s recipient of the Elizabeth M. Bozarth state scholarship award. Quinn’s dedication to the Zeta chapter and her continued passion in her classroom are unparalleled. She is innovative, she is inquisitive, and she is an inspiration to her chapter sisters and her colleagues at Intermediate South.

Zeta has happily welcomed 2 new initiates in the past year. Nycole Hershkowitz is an educator at Intermediate East, and Linda Smolinski is a college professor. Welcome, sisters. Zeta has also welcomed Dr. MaryLee Batesko, Zeta’s new president. She is not only a wonderful woman, but she is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and to speak with her leaves one inspired to continue to be well-informed about the importance of education.

During Zeta’s catered dinner on May 12, new officers and initiates were inducted. During this time, Zeta sisters shared fond memories and stories of Jeri Hadley. Zeta sisters were blessed with small gifts from Jeri’s family members - her favorite quotes, her favorite drink, and cookies that showed her signature ‘Love Jeri’ atop the sugar-coated decoration. To know Jeri was to love Jeri. During her time on this Earth, her honesty and her devotion to education were honorable. She made us all laugh until we cried.

One of our Zeta sisters is embracing a positive, new change. Christina Morsch taught 8th grade Social Studies for 26 years, and now, she has embarked on a new adventure as the new Media Center / Technology teacher at Hooper Avenue Elementary. She is enjoying every moment of sharing her passion with her new students.

As the fall is soon to settle in, Zeta sisters will commence the season with a book talk, a light dinner, and some quality time together. Zeta sisters will be sharing their thoughts and insight on Mother Angelica: The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles.


by ETA Chapter by Jacquie Long, President

Annie Wood and Joanne Smith recently submitted 3 quilts and 1 photograph to be judged by the Arts and Humanities Jury of DKG. If accepted, the quilts will be displayed in the DKG International Fall 2022 Fine Arts Gallery. The works are titled:

Annie: Blue 3D Star Quilt and Rainbow Floating Blocks Quilt

Joanne: Mountain View Quilt and Golden Hour photo

Beautiful work, ladies!

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by Shannon Pizzuta

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

After the past two years, it feels as though life is finally starting again as we head back to our “normal.” Since our last update, we welcomed Camy Kobylinksi as our new chapter president and congratulated Irene Maskaly on being named Chair of the DKG International Arts and Humanities Jury for 2022-2024. Many members enjoyed the DKGNJ Convention and a few were even able to attend the International Convention in New Orleans. Wrapping up the last school year, we congratulated Camy Kobylinski and Shannon Pizzuta on receiving Rose awards, we joined a local union in making PB&J sandwiches for a food kitchen, and our retirees continued to enjoy their lunch get-togethers.

You’re Invited: Our Iota book club, organized by Sharon Gardner and Dianne Papadinec, keeps growing and has now expanded to include the Beta Chapter. The group meets via ZOOM on the 4th Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. If anyone else would like to attend, or if you would like more information, please contact Sharon at:

More Member News: Margie Maines won a gold ribbon from the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs for her amazing Dia de Los Muertos Calavera (skull) crochet blanket and Shannon Pizzuta was invited to lead her district’s Back to School Convocation with an inspirational message for the entire faculty.

Looking Forward: Our chapter has been busy planning our new year ahead. We are looking forward to in-person meetings, workshops, and spending some time together. Our charities this year include Community Care Food and Clothing Pantry, Wreaths Across America, and Veteran’s Haven. Our upcoming plans include a trip to the Museum of the American Revolution, workshops on the Six Pillars of Brain Health and Downsizing and Decluttering, and making baskets of goodies for Veteran’s Haven.

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Lambda Chapter was invited to attend Convocation at Georgian Court University on Thursday, August 25th. Upon arrival at the mansion, Mr. Frank Mascia, Assistant Vice President for Development, saw every detail, from lunch to a tour of the campus and photos. We were joined by outgoing Dean Magaya and incoming Dean McNeal, and of course, the recipient of Lambda Chapter’s Early Educator Award Megan Walsh. It was wonderful to get to know Megan in person and see her enthusiasm for the upcoming school year. We also caught up with Hannah Moran, our first Early Educator Award recipient, who is now a practicing educator. Hannah and Megan have been invited to Lambda Chapter’s December 5th Chapter meeting, so that we can continue to learn more about their experiences as teachers. We are proud to have supported them with our Early Educator Award and wish to thank everyone who has shown such enthusiasm and commitment in supporting this award for new educators.

Lambda sister, Sue Goldman, recently received the New Jersey Speech and Hearing Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes the remarkable accomplishments of a speech-language pathologist or audiologist who has made significant contributions to the field for at least 20 years. Congratulations, Sue!
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Dr. Marilyn Gonyo, Lambda Chapter, was recently honored at the dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for the Dr. Marilyn E. Gonyo Early Literacy Center at the Monroe Township Public Library. The dedication took place on September 22, 2022. Congratulations Dr. Gonyo!

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Teacher of the Year 2022

Lambda sister and Fulbright scholar, Jennifer Laster, has been awarded Teacher of the Year 2022. She is an English teacher in grades 9-12 at the Barack Obama Green Charter High School in Plainfield, NJ. We are proud of you Jennifer. Congratulations!
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Congratulations to Katherine Makela for being inducted into the Barnegat Township School District Hall of Fame. Katherine began her career in the district in 1981 as a classroom teacher and later served as Language Arts Supervisor and then Principal of the Lillian M. Dunfee Elementary School until she retired in 2018. Katherine and the Dunfee School were honored with a best practice award by CTAUN for their R.O.A.R. Positive Behavior Supports in Schools program in 2014.

Past Omicron president Diane Roberts, who now has more time on her hands, will be participating as a chorus member in the Homage to Heroes Arts Festival on October 18th, as Southern Regional High School students and community members come together to depict the triumph and heroism that galvanized the community ten years ago in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Diane will also be a member of Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company as they present “A Christmas Carol” during Historic Smithville’s Dickens Fest on November 26th and 27th.

Omicron retirees kicked off their monthly R.O.S.E.S. breakfast on September 8th. Mary Lou LeCompte graciously hosted this event at her beautiful Beach Haven West home. All in attendance enjoyed delicious food, a beautiful view, and great company.


by Dr. Amy Fratz, President

For the past 31 years, Heather Moran has served students and families in a wide variety of public school positions. From an elementary school teaching position to middle school math, from an assistant principal post in a large district with 12 schools to being a middle school principal in a small district, Heather has helped teachers create more equitable experiences for all students which has led to a great deal of academic and social success.

This September 1 found Heather in a brand new position as Coordinator of Program Development, Design, and Implementation for the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA). This professional organization provides many services for administrators across the entire state. Heather is primarily responsible for designing professional learning experiences that are offered at NJPSA or in districts. She is especially proud of her work in the Equity in Action Academy. As a founding member of this team which was formed when she was a practicing principal, she works to help districts make impactful changes to make their systems more culturally responsive and outcomes improve for all.


by Joanne P. Hyland , President

Our June picnic allowed us to exhale and get busy preparing for the upcoming year. We did it in Rho style: Touchstone Jewelry Fundraiser at our Harvest Gathering, Holiday Gathering at a local restaurant, Initiate’s Tea, March Madness outing to a winery, and ending with our End of Year Picnic.

We have exciting news to celebrate. Two of our members retired from teaching at the end of the past school year, and one more will be joining them as she retires this October. One of our sisters became a new mom during the summer and will be taking a break from her principal duties. Ireland has been the hot spot for two of our members. Kate Zimmerbaum, who received the Elizabeth M. Bozarth Scholarship, continued to work on her doctorate dissertation in Northern Ireland while another sister, Maryann Sajor, attended a family wedding and visited relatives. Their experiences will be shared during one of our meetings.

For our Harvest Gathering, we will be collecting diapers to support a local program called The Harvest Success Center. Our fundraiser will enable us to continue providing scholarships to one female student from each of the five county high schools who will be enrolling in college as a future educator. In fact, we will be corresponding with and supporting a scholarship recipient from this past year. We will also continue our support of the Center for Great Expectations.

A few of our sisters stepped into new roles as Parliamentarians, Local Scholarship Chairs, and Thought for the Day. This year we will continue to work on encouraging and engaging female colleagues to join the organization. We look forward to a wonderful year.

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