by Carl deuker


the book runner is about a boy named chance. after his dad and mom got a divorce chance has been living with his dad and hasn't seen his mom since the divorce about 5 years ago. chances dad has not been able to keep a steady job so they do not have very much money. they are living on a boat called the tiny dancer it is old and small compared to the giant yacht in the dock. His dad is having troubles trying to pay off the bills on the tiny dancer at the end of the month.the manger at the dock knows they are not able to pay the bills so he offers chance a job working for a side job for him. He has to go on his normal jog then take a break at the trees and see if there is a package between the rocks if there is he is suppose to put it into the back pack.a girl at chances school named Melissa lives at the top of the hill by the beech and sees chance take something out of the rocks. She asks chance what he is doing by the rocks and he says hes looking at water rats. the manager of the docks came to chance the next day that there will be new packages coming in they will look and feel different then the normal packages and that he is suppose to hide them in the tiny dancer.someone will pick up the new packages from the tiny dancer the day of the boat showing. Chance can not think what could be in the new packages so he asked the manager what was in them and he said gems. in the end the new packages were plastic explosives they he found out that he was helping out a terrorist group that are looking to blow up a crew ship with thousands of people on board. chances dad gets taken on the boat with the terrorist he kills one of them and gets the detonator and blows up the tiny dancer while killing himself so he could save the lives of thousands of people.


"But i don't have time to play games so listen, and listen carefully. your in trouble and i can get you out of that trouble, im offering you a job kid very good pay, very short hours. when someone offers you easy money you should at least hear him out" (runner dueker) this represents the mood because it shows that the manager of the docks has a very short patience and is nervous. because he is trying to speak fast and give no time for chance to talk.
the book runner was a good fast paced/ suspenseful book. i recommend it to all readers.