C & I Update

Together is Better 4-25-18

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Using Google Forms for Quizzes- faster feedback to students- 90 second video


CAASPP Testing Quick Reference Guide

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June 2018 Professional Development Opportunities

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Vertical Team/Grade level lead positions available for 18-19

Are you interested in a leadership position in our district?

Consider applying for a Vertical or Grade level team lead position:

Science Math Social Science English Electives (VAPA, Modern Lang., and other electives) CTE Elementary (3-6) :Stipend to be shared between grade level leads Primary (T/K-2):Stipend to be shared between grade level leads

Deadline to submit a letter of interest to HR is 4/20/18.


Physical Fitness Testing- 5th, 7th and 9th grades

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Instructional Coaches

Our Instructional Coaches are here to help!

Yvonne: ycasalnuovo@pcoe.k12.ca.us

Susan: sfrediani@pcoe.k12.ca.us

Jenniffer: jkimball@pcoe.k12.ca.us

Career and Technical Education

CTE teachers have been busy finalizing their site plans for CTEIG funds. These Career and Technical Education Incentive Grant funds are upgrading and modernizing our CTE programs. Thank you to our CTE Vertical Team lead Gina Pixler and our CTE teachers who are assisted by consultant Laurie Wann, in finalizing site plans.


Our PUSD/PCOE testing window for CAASPP is April 9, 2018 - June 8, 2018. Each site will develop their site-specific testing window.

Having trouble with passwords or accounts? Please contact Justina Anderson: jdanderson@pcoe.k12.ca.us

English Learners

Our English Learners will participate in a new assessment this spring, the ELPAC, which replaces CELDT. Thanks to Nance Reed, Berenice Coronado, Joe Moctezuma and Donna Waller for helping with the transition to this new assessment.

State Accountability

The new state accountability system, known as the California School Dashboard, is out with new data for each school including Chronic Absenteeism, and College and Career Readiness. The Dashboard can be found at: https://www.caschooldashboard.org/#/Home

Vertical and Grade level teams

Thank you to our Vertical and Grade level team leads.

Dates for 17-18

Links to minutes:

TK/K 11.3.17 1.11.18 2.7.18

1st/2nd grade . 10.25.17, 11.3.17 1.11.18

3rd.4th 10.26 3rd grade 10.26 4th grade

5th/6th 11.3.17 1.9.18

CTE 11.3.17 CTE Collaborative Website

Electives 11.3.17

English 11.3.17

Math 11.3.17 1.9.18

Science 11.3.17

Social Studies 11.3.17


Nearly every high school in our district is involved with WASC this year.

QHS is working on their self-study. PHS and CHS are preparing for a mid-cycle visit and Daryl Hutchins is beginning the process of obtaining accreditation for Jim Beckwourth High School. Thank you to everyone for the valuable work that is done through the WASC process.

School Calendars for 18-19 and 19-20

Upcoming Dates

4/24-25/18 ELA Vertical Team DWWA Scoring-QHS Rm 26

4/26/18 ILT Workshop-DO

4/26/18 Kindergarten Round-up - CES

5/03/18 Kindergarten Round-up - CRC

5/14/18 Science Vertical Team - QHS Rm 26

5/17/18 AERIES Workshop - QHS Rm 26

5/18/18 ILT Meeting - CRC

5/18/18 Physical Fitness Scores-Aeries Entry Deadline

Useful Links

Textbook Request Form

Technology Help Ticket

username: plumashelp password:technology

TK/K- 6th Grade ELA

ThinkCentral for all your textbook resources

Curriculum and Instructional Services

Kristy Warren

Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services

@kristymwarren on Twitter

@PlumasUSD on Twitter