Rouggly Family Update

A monthly glimpse at city life in St. Louis

Prayers for the Month

There is overwhelming need throughout our city and in our neighborhood. Often our prayer is simply, "God, go before us and prepare the way." We are asking for transformed lives and this month I want to mention some names of people that you can be praying for.

  • Geno Johnson: We are asking that God would transform this young man's life like he did as he changed Saul to Paul. Geno's girlfriend was shot and killed several months ago on our block and he has been in hiding ever since. Geno's past has finally caught up to him, but God has him alive for a reason. Please pray that he would receive Jesus as we speak truth in love.
  • Deven Reed: We are asking that Deven would make a decision for Jesus and would never look back. Although Deven has no earthly parents we have (unofficially) adopted him into our family. More importantly, his heavenly Dad is providing for him daily. Please pray that Deven's life would be forever changed by Jesus.
  • Jamel Williams: Many of you have met Jamel and know him and his brothers. This young man walked a mile to church yesterday. He is hungry for the Word and for God's family. Jamel has been baptized (multiple times.) He's now attempting to follow Jesus in a city that wants nothing to do with Him. Pray against the enemy who would want to snatch joy and choke out God's spirit.

New Projects

Kingshighway Building: In May 2015 we were given a building that houses 10 apartments and 4 business spaces. Over the next two years LOVEtheLOU will be developing this property spiritually as well as physically. We have already brought in many work groups and look forward to this location becoming a Gospel Community hub in the future.

New Gospel Community: Our approach to the city is still making disciples in neighborhoods and gathering those people in Gospel Communities. We are excited that Brock and Kristi Howard are joining us in this effort and will be planting a Gospel Community in University City in the upcoming month.
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