More Witchery in Salem!

Girls claim to have seen "devil-like" bird in courthouse!

Ragan Ware, staffwriter
On this past Tuesday of 2 June 1691, on the day of the lechery case, in the courthouse of Salem, between John Proctor and dear Abigail Williams, dear Mr. Parris's niece, many girls cried out because of a "devil-like" bird in the courtroom. During the trial, Mary Warren, Mr. and Goody Proctor's servant, tried to tell the court that there was no devil in Salem and that all the girls were fakin'. The girls were all brought in to give their sides and it was when Mary said it was all a lie that Abigail screamed out, "Begone! Begone, I say!" to a bird trying to "attack" her up in the beams of the courtroom ceiling. She claims that it was Mary Warren's soul in the bird and she was trying to kill them. She screamed out many times and the girls mimicked her. Abigail screamed for the bird to stop trying to hurt her. She screamed many times, "The wings! Her wings are spreading! Mary, please, don't, don't!" The faithful Mr. Danforth was pressing Mary and trying to get her to confess and turn towards our loving God instead of turning away and signing her name in Lucifer's black book! She was hysterical and would not listen! Dear Abigail, with the girls following, then ran out into the open screaming for Mary to stop hurting her. Mary warren ran out hysterically, following Abigail and the girls into the water to try and cleanse their soul. Abigail believes that Mary sent her soul in the form of a bird to attack her when she said that the accusations of falsehood Mary held against her were not true.