Technology in the Classroom

By: Shelby Coultas

Modern technology has benefitted the learning process in all classrooms today

The internet has become a major resource today for students in the classroom and in their everyday lives. Students no longer need to open a text book and read through pages of information to find what they need, they can simply google something and find answers within seconds.

In schools now, most children have access to the internet in some way, and teachers have found that using computers has been easier and much more effective than using textbooks. . “There are many opportunities for individual students to use technology to enhance their learning.” (Williams, Susan M)

How important is it?

“Knowing how to use a computer or Internet browser has become as important a skill in modern life as knowing multiplication tables.” (High Technology and Education)

In today's world, students understanding how to use a computer is extremely important because our society is dependent on technology. Students today use technology to prepare themselves for other things in the world such as finding job listings, email communications, and other conveniences. Therefore, if students were to not know how to use a computer or not have access to one, they would be restricted from learning things they need to know for their future.

Other helpful technologies

“The technology that had the greatest impact in the classroom from the 1950s through the 1990s was borrowed from the bowling alley—the overhead projector.” (Laudato, Nicholas C.)

The overhead projector allows for so many ways of teaching and learning and has become a classroom aid everywhere. It allows you to present a presentation in advance, take notes on it, draw illustrations on it, and interact with all the students while being able to be clearly viewed by everyone. It has shown to be extremely helpful to students because it allows them to interact with it.


Modern technology has benefitted the learning process in all classrooms. Now that we have internet access and advanced equipment, teaching students has become easier but also more effective. We now have more efficient ways of organizing data and gaining information quickly. Students have been proven to learn better with the use of technology, but they also now have more opportunities in their future life than ever before.


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