Hail Hydra!

Cayden O'Brien

Hydra Lernaia

The Hydra was an immortal monster, the son of Echidna and Typhon. He had no Roman name, but was also known as Hydra Lernaia. He had no children and no spouse.

I chose the Hydra because I like dragons that spit poison. The Hydra relates to me because, like it, I always bounce back when defeated. But then again, it might not be as hard for it, because it just grows two more heads.

-The Hydra was the second labor of Heracles

-The Hydra had nine heads

-Some people thought the Hydra had as many as ten thousand heads

-The Hydra's blood and saliva was highly venomous

-It lived in the Swamps of Lake Lerna

-It guarded an entrance to the underworld there

-A giant crab, named Cancer, assisted the hydra in the battle against Heracles

-Heracles' nephew, Iolaus, used firebrands on the severed heads to cauterize the wound to stop regeneration

-Hera placed the dead Hydra and Cancer in the stars to become the constellations

-Heracles was forced to bury the ninth immortal head to make sure that it wouldn't be a threat anymore

Hydra Battle