My American Dream

American dream-

An american dream is to do what you believe is right, and prosper through what ever means suit you.

What makes an American Dream?

1) Happiness

2) Feeling Generous

3) Prosperity

I want to be a Millionaire Philanthropist!!

When I am of the right age and responsibility, I would like to become a Millionaire. When I have all of this money, I know I am not going to need most of it, so why not just donate it to a couple of my favorite charities.
My dream of being a Millionaire, and giving some of my money away to charity shows some of the characteristics that I detailed above. the first characteristic is happiness. I will be happy for two reasons. one, I will be happy because i will be able to get most of the things i will ever want. Two, I will be happy because I am making other people's lives better, which makes me feel happy. Another characteristic is Prosperity. I will be living a prosperous life because i will be in the upper class, and i will have all of this money. The last characteristic is Generosity. I am being generous because i am donating some of my hard-earned money to people who really need it.

Symbol of My American Dream-

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What it means-

I chose iron man as my symbol. I choose Iron man because he is a hero to people that are helpless and in need of help. On the money aspect of it, He is not cheap. His value is very expensive.
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