Welcome to the ASUW!

Facilitated by Tiffani Reardon

First Things First

First things first: Add me to the course you will be building with this workshop as an instructor.

After you've added me to your course, click Start Here in the content section of your page and work your way through that module to get associated with the workshop. In that module, you will learn about the schedule for the course, the requirements to be paid your stipend, various due dates that MUST be met, and other aspects of the workshop. You will also read a little about me and how to get in contact with me.

When you've finished Start Here, move on to the August modules. For the month of August, you are required to have passed 3 modules from the August folder AND all assignments in the Start Here module by the last day of August. No exceptions.

And Secondly

Just for smiles, meet my pets, Nutmeg and Pickle!

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