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First, You need to know some basic law vocabulary


The person, persons, or group that is being prosecuted or sued.


The person, persons, or group that is suing a company, organization, government agency, or the government itself.


The file sent by us in a civil case to the judge of choice by you or those suing you.


This document tells the defendant of the lawsuit in a civil case of the suit against him/her and orders him/her to be in court on a certain day at a designated time.


The plaintiff's lawyer's complaint with an attached answer via the defendant in a civil case.

Pretrial Conference

Conference where judge might have a meting with both parties to clarify differences in a civil case.


The situation where you resolve a conflict with the defendant or plaintiff without trial in a civil case.


synonym of mediation; meaning the same thing


The place where people and criminals go to legally solve disputes in a peaceful manner.

Preponerance of Evidence

The plaintiff is required to have an incriminating amount of evidence against the defendant if the plaintiff has the standard amount of evidence this is called the preponderance of evidence.


The decision by judge or jury whether a convicted person(s) is guilty or not.


The act by which the loosing party of a trial attempts to got to a higher court to have the case re-heard.

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