Vote For Thomas Jefferson

If you want crops to grow, Jefferson is a go!

Thomas Jefferson Brief Description

This is Thomas Jefferson. He is a part of the Democratic Republican Party. He was in great competition with Hamilton. He argued that they should not have a national bank. He thought instead we should produce farming instead so that we can get more crops. And also people didn't trust Hamilton. Jefferson was the one to be elected.
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The Declaration of Independence

He wrote the declaration of Independence. It states that all men are equal and we should be one united nation. That we should treat each other with respect and honor and not turn away from each other. That no matter of what religion you are you are all equal.
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Secretary of Virginia

Thomas Jefferson was the first secretary in Virginia. We was also known as the first ever secretary of state. He helped the groundwork of the protection for the Americans. And also he helped the foreign policy. And lastly help to find a route to the Mississippi River.
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Crops for Monticello save Slaves

Thomas Jefferson helped slavery by using crops. He decreased the number of slaves using grain and wheat. Every time Thomas would leave, the number of slaves would increase. When he left it grew to about 50 to 125. When he came back and resoluted it and died he saved 200 slaves from working
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