Pronoun Cupcakes

Every pronoun has a cupcake!

Each cupcake has personal, antecedent, singular, plural, subjective, objective, and possessive pronouns!

The chocolate cupcakes include the personal pronouns. Here are some examples:

I ate every cupcake!

We baked ten cupcakes!

The vanilla cupcakes include the plural pronouns which includes the pronouns: we, you, and they

And don't forget the singular pronoun red velvet cupcakes! Each cupcake comes with the following:

I have fifteen cupcakes!

I ate fifteen cupcakes!

We also have antecedent person chocolate chip cupcakes for a limited edition! Such as:

Don't forget to try the limited edition ice cream cupcake that includes all pronouns!

Guaranteed for every bite to be extraordinarily delicious or it's free

Allergy info:

67/100 cupcakes are NOT gluten free. However, the rest of the cupcakes are absolutely gluten free. Cupcakes are made with the following:

Milk, Flour

Sugar, vanilla

Rainbows, unicorn magic

67 cupcakes made with gluten

We are The Small Shop of Pronoun Cupcakes