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A Monthly Tech Tips Newsletter for WAHS Faculty

Happy New Year Canary Nation!

January 2013 Edition
Each month the Bird Bytes newsletter will provide technology tips and tools, training session dates, and much more to help teachers integrate technology in the classroom.

Contact Diane Keebler or Joan Preston for individual training sessions or check your email for scheduled professional development training sessions. Input on future training session topics is always welcome.

Upcoming Training Sessions

January Training Session-Using the Cloud to Augment your Lessons

This training will provide teachers with Web 2.0 tools that will augment lessons, encourage student reflection, and aide in student understanding. These tools can be used with whole-group instruction or interactive instruction.

The sessions will be broken into two divisions:

Web tools for English/ESL/Social Studies Faculty with Diane Keebler

Web tools for Science and Math Faculty with Joan Preston.

January 15 (Tuesday) Drop-in Sessions from 7:30-2:30 in room 2-109

January 16 (Wednesday) After-School from 2:50-3:50 in room (TBD)

Details of what will be included in the training sessions will be sent out in a forthcoming email.

Teacher Spotlight

To recognize a member of the WAHS staff who is doing something notable with technology in support of technology in the classroom-to share ideas and inspire.

Nicole Leskosky feels that using technology in her Biology classes helps students understand the concepts of life and living organisms. In December, Nicole began a unit on the concept of Mitosis. Using both iMovie and Photo Booth, students were to create a movie clip on the process of cell division. Students used beads to construct each step of Mitosis and took a picture of each step using Photo Booth. With no less than 30 pictures, students then added the pictures to iMovie and created a movie clip of cell division. "I wanted students to see Mitosis as a continuous process," stated Nicole. "Students were not just using Photo Booth but seeing Mitosis as a continuous process and having a little bit of fun." Nicole's AP students found the project to be challenging but the end result was a success. On using technology in the classroom, Nicole feels that it is an additional tool and resource for students to use in place of lecture or seat work and states, "I wish I could use it more often."

Did you have students complete a technology project that they really enjoyed? Did you use a new tech tool in the classroom and it enhanced the lesson? Email Diane or Joan to share your tech integration story and be featured in an upcoming teacher spotlight.

Web Tool Highlight - Online Stopwatch

This tool acts as a stopwatch with countdown features. Choose from a variety of timers that will display the countdown and ring when time is up. These timers can be displayed on the PolyVision board and be used for testing or group work.

NETS-Technology in the Curriculum

NETS stands for National Education Technology Standards. These standards were written and expanded to include standards for students, teachers, and administrators.

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativitiy (Teacher Standard)

1. Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both face-to-face and virtual environments.

b. Engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources.

Find this and other standards at


MacBook Troubleshooting

Why does the Log In Screen just shake when I try to log in to my laptop?

Make sure you have the cap lock turned off and that you have the correct username and password. If so then read below.

  • Your log in screen must say "Network Accounts Available" with a green light. Upon bootup your computer will have a yellow light and say "Some Network Accounts Available." Wait approximately 10 seconds for the yellow light to turn green. "Yellow light light go!" Once the green light appears, you may log in.

  • If your computer does not log-in despite a green light, reboot and try to login again… this may take a few reboots but you should be able to login without problem.

  • If your computer has a RED light, your computer may have lost it's network settings. You can fix this by "hardwiring" your laptop. Plug your laptop into a network cable, restart your computer, and log-in using your username and password. This will reset the networking setting and your computer will be ready for student use.

  • If your log-in screen has a message that says "LOCAL ADMIN," please email the serial number of the computer and your room number. This is an instance where assistance is needed and ONLY helpdesk can fix it.

Quick Tech Tip

For PC or MacBook troubleshooting, click on the link below:

Contact Diane Keebler or Joan Preston for any technology integration questions or assistance.

Don't forget to check out the William Allen TechTips website for technology ideas, resources, and trouble-shooting.