Kindergarten Connection

Ms. Solmson's Weekly Newsletter

October 12th-16th


This week we had so much fun continuing our exploration of Laura Numeroff stories! We began the week by reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake. After filling in our journals we came up with our own "If you give a pig a..." Everyone came up with such creative responses! Bar decided that if he gave a pig a piece of cake, he would need a napkin. Lucy said that if she gave her pig a lollipop she would definitely want a piece of gum! We continued into Tuesday reading If You Give a Moose a Muffin and then worked our way into reading If You Take a Mouse to School and If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. As we have read each of the stories our class has become more and more confident picking up on examples of cause and effect. It has been very exciting watching them grasp such a difficult comprehension concept.

Literacy Centers

As we finally had a full week of school, we decided this was the perfect time to begin our regular routine of Literacy Centers! On Monday, I introduced our six new centers for the week and gave the children their "Literacy Centers Menu". I explained that it is their responsibility to make their way to every center by Thursday and to mark that center completed on their menu. In their Friday Folder you will see their menu and all the work stapled to the back of it. We also discussed that because this is our first time doing centers in this way, it is okay if we don't complete everything, but as the year continues we will master it!


In Math, we learned about different ways to make the numbers 4-10 using addition. We used our big unifix cubes to show the numbers being built and how to take the cubes and turn them into addition sentences. For example, if we have two red cubes and two blue cubes, we can say 2+2=4. On Tuesday we had so much fun playing "Shake and Spill"! It was so exciting to see how the red and yellow chips were going to land. During one round we had all eight chips land on the red side! This was the perfect time to explain that adding zero to a number always equals the same number, 8+0=8. On Thursday we looked at the number 10 and all the ways to make this big number! Our favorite center was definitely playing with the "Tens Superhero". We rolled a die and added that many hairs to our super hero's head and then determined how many more we needed to get to ten. We are quickly building our confidence with addition!


This week we were so happy to have science! We went out to the beautiful Nature Sanctuary with Mrs. Cater and examined all the different types of leaves. After finding many leaves we used a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the leaves. We found that some of them make a "crunch" sound when you step on them, some are multi-colored, and some have pointy edges. It was interesting to discuss why so many of the leaves were brown and why they fall off the trees during the autumn season. We then had time to explore the sanctuary and find other objects that belong to nature. Some of us found rocks, some found sticks, and some even found acorns! Our class loves spending time with Mrs. Cater and learning about science.

Mrs. Cohen’s Counseling Corner

In Guidance this week…

We read the book, The Grouchies by Debbie Wagenbach. While acknowledging that everyone feels “grouchy” at times, and that all feelings are okay, this book builds on the premise that a grouchy mood can negatively impact our entire day, and also affect those around us. Through a fun rhyme, this book teaches students different strategies to deal with negative feelings. Ask your children at home about their favorite ways to try to beat the grouchies.

Over the last few weeks, we have also used the Ready to Learn curriculum which is designed to teach young children the cognitive, social, and self-management skills needed for academic and social success. Through his four Forest Friends, Fuzzy the Caterpillar learns how to build a cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly. Hawkeye the Hawk showed him how to pay attention by keeping his eyes on the speaker, Bonnie the Bunny taught Fuzzy how to listen and understand, Hoot the Owl told Fuzzy to ask questions when he does not understand, and Skippy the Turtle taught Fuzzy to never give up. These abilities are frequently cited in literature as predictors of long-term school success. Ask your child which one of the Forest Friends is their favorite, and why.

Note from the Library

Birthday Book Party Reminder:

Our birthday book parties for students with birthdays in August-November are coming up soon! For grades Mechina-2, the party will be Tuesday, Oct. 20. For grades 3-5, the party will be Wednesday, Oct. 21. Both parties will be before school, 7:45-8:20 a.m. Our honorees will select and check out a new book for the media center collection. We also will serve a light breakfast of fruit, (nut-free and parve) mini-muffins and water. Parents are always welcome to attend!

For questions regarding the muffins, please contact Dolce Catering and Bakery, 770-451-3065.

If you have not yet ordered a birthday book for your child, It’s not too late.

Follow this link to the order form:

Follow this link to order on-line:

If we have processed your order, you should have received an email acknowledging your order.

Thank You's!

Thank you to the Molinaris for being our Family of the Week and to Justin, Eli's dad, for being our Mystery Reader!


-If your child will be leaving with his or her guest please remember to turn in your Grandparent and Special Friend Day permission slip!

-As we begin wearing sweatshirts, sweaters, and fleeces please be sure to put your child's name in their outerwear.

Upcoming Dates

-October 20: Spirit Day

-October 22: Field trip to the Art Barn

-November 13: Half day for students

-November 19 & 20: Parent Teacher Conferences

-November 25-27: No school Thanksgiving break

What is Spirit Day?

The Davis Academy will be holding its first of three Spirit Days during the 2015-16 school year on TUESDAY, OCT. 20th!

All LS and MS Students are encouraged to wear their "Davis" attire - this can include:

Spirit Wear shirts

  • Davis team/developmental sports t-shirts
  • School Play t-shirts
  • Field Day t-shirts
  • New Student t-shirts


Students are asked to wear uniform bottoms with their Davis Spirit shirts.

Those students not wishing to wear spirit wear must wear their regular uniform.