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Downtown Spectacle

Spectacle, A great place.

Spectacle is a great and fun place to be. We have many different attractions and many games that we can play. Ton's of things go on in this town, and everyone's great, well, not everyone. We also have contests on and around, so, lets go and explore the town!
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Great Weather

Spectacle has the best weather.. ever! With beautiful weather everyday, blue sky's, the sun's always shining, and it's always a perfect day to do anything!
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John F. Kennedy Dead.

Sadly, one of the the best and widely known presidents, John F Kennedy, was assassinated during a parade for the president, and during this time. He, his wife, and his driver were in his car when this happened, further information will come, this kind of shorted me and Holly getting bullied.

Places to visit.

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The Library.

The Library has tons of books that come from all different genres, lots of kids are here in the weekends. In the summer, the Library does summer reading programs, I advise you to put your younger siblings so they don't lay waste on fun.
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A&P Market

My family usually shops here, except the occasion where Doris won the Bosetti Super Market contest. This store is very cheap and will get you the things you need, unless if you're rich or something, just go to Bosetti's.
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Carnival's always come and go, you don't really miss out on them. And they're always hiring, go have a blast because you'll never have a experience like that.. EVER!
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We have all kinds of foods, and all kinds of restaurants. Candy, Burgers, hot dogs, ribs, ice cream, sweet things, spicy things, you name it!

People not to mess with.

Don't talk to anyone who lives in Witch Tree Lane, since we're all misfits. Don't ever mess with "The Sparrows", the most popular girls in school.
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Remember, this is a great place, thanks for visiting!